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Popular blogger describes the "French" disorder, but also describes the benefits of the model, which include all weaknesses.

Marat Beard, an expert expert on the ASATA YouTube channel, showed a new video in which he spoke enthusiastically about the first generation of Renault Logan. Judging by the significant reviewer's comments, everything is troubling at the French car with how it looks. According to YouTube, the module is terrible as “the Freddy Krueger car”. Also from the "Logan" blogger chaos which has been named free plastic in the bothy and a deadly body, but rusting does not appear soon.

If you do not include all of the above, the blogger described a very good car. The surveyor reported that Renault Logan was a reputable high-quality car, and as it first appeared in Russia, this caused the domestic users to turn from the “Grants”. According to YouTube, "Logan" is the experience that it's not a victim of marketing, the producer's quality. Because of this, the car was well assembled, using sustainable materials. As a result, the car rarely breaks and sometimes needs to be replaced.

Renault Logan also stands with permanent engines 1.4 and 1.6. The blogger noted that these engines cannot feel the dynamics, but they are not “despicable” and reliable, have a good resource, and some of the units 'survive'. T A run of 1 million km.

The blogger compared Renault Logan to LADA Granta talking about the Frenchman saloon, and said the interior of the foreign cars was more pleasant, and more congregated, and there is more space in the Logan. At the same time, the adjudicator acknowledged that the two cars are similar to some problems, such as loosening seats.

The surveyor noted that the first time Renault Logan was rendered as a consequence, unfortunately, and now this old-fashioned car can be split only for its appearance. At the same time, the expert remembered that Logan was built on B0 architecture, and AvtoVAZ was mocked because of the distribution of every module on this platform.

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