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How do you like that? Ilon Musk was the name of Dogecoin who could be complaints.

The former Tesla and SpaceX leader Ilon Musk had recognized Bitcoin over paper money, again at the heart of the cryptocurrency community.

In response to summons to April Fools, where users were asked to vote for the candidate for the position of Chief of Dogecoin, Ilon Mask: t

“Dogecoin can be my favorite. It is very cool. ”

Voted for yourself, the fact that it should not be bad, the American engineer ahead of the leader of the metal project Marshal Heiner, the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee.

“It seems, @elonmusk, now you are the Chief. Please enter a code of entry ", – summarizes the findings of the Dogecoin survey.

Creator Dogecoin Jackson Palmer also joined the comic flashmob, reminding me that Mask is on the tweet he was last year in which he said he wanted to pull back from Teslaq from here. Nasdaq and its property to permanent owners. The result is that Mak was in trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“I think about selling for $ 4.20 billion.– write Palmer.

At the same time, the riot itself continued to write with the inscription “Dogecoin's Deputy Chief Executive” in the image image, as well as sending some tweets out.

Remember that the cryptocurrency itself, which is currently at the 25th place in the CoinMarketCap level, started to grow even on Monday, before breaking bitterly suddenly the previous day, and the rest of the market followed it. Over the last day, after Tuesday correction, ANGL increased in price by around 25% and at the time of publication it sells at $ 0.0031 (0.00000063 BTC).

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