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"I drink until I woke up in the morning and didn't understand where I was." Yagudin talked about her relationship with alcohol

The Olympic hero arrived in the competition's Alexei Yagudin championship in 2002, when he took the Games gold from second attempt. Later in Salt Lake City, an athlete works on television, taking part in the show and working as an ambassador for major competitions.

On the other day, Yagudin joined the show "The Stars Converged" to NTV, by letting out alcohol and talking about linking it to strong drinks.

'Can I resolve alcohol-related issues?' I don't have problems all over the world. I am quite hopeful, I am always fine. And I can only drink from joy.

I certainly had time when we had a great drink. For example, after returning from America to Russia all the doors were open to me. 2003, I was coming on horseback, I was an Olympic champion and then we walked, being healthy. It has come to the point that you are rising in the morning and you do not understand what is happening and where you are. ”

This happened with a figure scale not only in Russia. For example, in 2003, police were held in Avon, Connecticut, for speeding. On the condition of the inspection, his alcohol levels in his blood were higher than the level permitted. With the High Court decision by Hartford, he had to go through a "special program for those convicted of drink driving."

"How were I caught?" I gave my grandmother, who was slowly driving down, although there were restrictions on passing on that part of the road. The police are coming up, opening the window, and asking for my papers.

I told him immediately: "I am heavy, take me away." At the request, I started going through the exams and singing everything. Nothing: I could not stand on one foot for 15 seconds. Afterwards, I was taken to a police station and arrested. '– he remembered the skater.

The program admitted that a NTV skipper does not accept strong alcohols.

“I never liked vodka, brandy or whiskey. I can't even get the smell of the whiskey. Wine wine. I don't think alcohol is strong. After all, the most important thing is that we cannot do with human boundaries ".

In 1998, Yagudin moved from Alexei Mishin to Tatyana Tarasov. A famous coach warned Alexei, who was 18 years of age, at the time, about the dangers of alcohol.

“Did Tatyana Anatolyevna watch me? Of course. I remember my first collection when we first started off working with it. Everything was going well, but at the very beginning Tatyana Anatolyevna warned me: “I ask you, don't drink, or you will be a child, and I'll take you out. “The collection is over, I can't resist, I would drink – I opened my eyes in the morning, and Tatyana Anatolyevna told me:“ I asked you..

The skipper once refused to do so again, and that the coach had to take her student to his room and sit round at night. “I decided to let me sleep,” I confessed Alexey.

Tatyana Anatolyevna helped him with this understanding, often gathering his master and helping to get back from the competition.

Later, become a family man, the Olympic hero decided that he would go out of alcohol. Now he can produce several glasses of wine, if he realizes that nothing is important in the next day that can not be turned off.

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