In Russia, a mandatory cigarette leaflet was included: Social area: Economy:

Digital listing of tobacco products in Russia has been essential since March 1. This should increase market visibility and share the TASS documentary, reduce reports.

Including strategies is divided into three stages. From March 1, marketed market partners in the system, from July 1 – start to & # 39; listed. A shop that translates data to a common database. Until July 1, 2020, it is possible to sell cigarettes with and without a digital code, by code only.

How the agency is a? Noting, the increase in the cost of tobacco products will not increase. Prices are set by arm level, which was built in 2019 with 10 per cent. Depending on these backgrounds, the cost of its code is not & # 39; appear very little.

The sale of cigarettes were digitally digitized in April 2018 as a test. Manufacturers make a package code created (in the Matrix Data format). Here you can find a path from the factory to the user. Directors, it will provide information on their materials and movements.

According to researchers, from 2015 to 2018, the market for illegal items in Russia has grown eight times.

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