Interview with agent Lassana N`Diaye about CSKA's actions and actions


October 5, 2018 CSKA named everything the unhealthy, but it might be one of the most promising interventions. Moses moves 18-year-old to CSKA Lassana N`Diaye. In October 2017, Lassana received six games at the junior youth competitions, where he raised attention with CSKA. At present, Daveiae has never played CSKA, but twice applied for it but this is due to being able to apply for CSKA only in the winter of 2019. We met with one t Lassana. Alexey Dudants and speak to about Jehovah, the special market features of Russia, in terms of the choice of CSKA and much more.

– I understand that I want to be a producer, in twenty years' time, Alexey will start. – At that time, I had time to play in Spartak and Zenit, entering Suvorov School, and after that I went to work. Just after that, when I was at a sufficient level, I decided to undertake group work.

– Just so, without knowledge of the business industry?
– It was difficult. There were no links or contacts. He helped the amateur team "Almeria" for two years. They played the LFL analogue and won all the prizes. Then I started asking football players to the team. Even the prices paid.

– When was it?
– February 2017, I was then 28 years old. Started by social networks: send a video on YouTube. I received many good reviews for the first publication.

– What were these videos about?
– I told the time about how I played, how I played football and so on. He subsequently started an interview – from sports directors, staff. Understand how everything works. But for this I would have to go abroad.

– Why not in Russia?
– In Russia, everyone refused. And in FML, and in the second league, and even more in the Premier League. One club had conversations from the first simple league: “Are you from Eurosport? No? Well, farewell.

– Where did you decide to go?
– I chose Sweden because it is half the size of Moscow. There is no gas or oil, but there are Electrolux, Scania, IKEA and Volvo. And there were also ABBA. From a marketing perspective, a very advanced country. I also realized they would be open enough.

– Didn't it be mistaken?
– I received the data of one club in social networks, and I received the response immediately: “Come, we will interview”. I found an activist for a salary and translator in Sweden and I left.

– Since then he has been tidied?
– Voices started, some people started writing. I started learning from them about how everything is happening, as this is not taught anywhere. There are no faculties in the world where instructors are trained. Simply in practice.

About the first case

– Remember the first thing?
– I went to different walks of young footballers. I joined the scouts from Moscow clubs and I admired that I was a proxy. I asked him to do a bit of work. None of the Moscow clubs received a response from CSKA. And immediately with such action that three agents did not perform before me.

– What was the problem?
– It was necessary to introduce a young footballer from Nizhny Novgorod to CSKA school. The player did not have a representative, and the old coach was really influential. He said he was too early to go. None of the people asked CSKA for help, even talking to him. And I took a ticket away immediately and I went to him.

– What did it put out?
– The coach sets the circumstances. He wanted CSKA's school to play a friendly game with his team. Meanwhile, he asked to pay the way from the Lowland Land and back to the whole crew, as well as food and lodging. And that's the conditions for a 16 year-old from Nizhny Novgorod! It is clear that this school will not. I offered a choice of correspondence. He said I should organize everything without CSKA: I would pay for the bus, food, accommodation for the whole team. But with the contract if “CSKA” is very similar to someone else in the side, everyone will be left to watch.

– has it been agreed?
– The next day this man named me and said he had put it out alone. Since then, I have developed good relationships with CSKA. The boy eventually enrolled in the "school army".

– What is his name?
– Kirill Kuzmenko. When he got credit, I thought as things went out, after all, the first player I helped. It was agreed that his representative would be. He flew with a team for Italy for an international tournament, and I also did.

– Why?
– There were good clubs: Dynamo Zagreb, Udinese, Sassuolo. These clubs work very well with young players. I spoke to the scouts, I got business cards – generally I had a good time. Then he went to Finland. He tried to set up a young footballer there, and so walked around ten of the highest and highest league clubs. No, he didn't work out. But then I saw with my own eyes a big difference.

– What?
– Before that I went to Ivanovo for the game "Tekstilshchik". With the cost of tickets for 200 rubles, the game came about two thousand people. Well, that is an income of around 400,000 rubles. In Finland, I came to the first league game, not the highest. There is such a club "Honka". So the ticket costs 15 euro, and around ten people arrived. According to my accounts, the revenue from one game was approximately 150,000 euro.

Lassana N`Diaye

Lassana N`Diaye

Photo: Alexander Caighdeov, "Championship"

About the first important links

– What was done after Finland?
– I decided to play something for some supporters. As a reward, I chose a trip to a “Clasico” with me, which I paid for two days of my life in Barcelona and returning tickets. I kept that competition staying in my kitchen. I may have a lot of fans, but they are very active.

– How many people would watch that collection?
– Man 200. This is the key that I have spoken to live on a film about Monaco. And at the moment one speaker is switching off a phone number to the operator of Monaco on my social network. He told me to talk to him that it was easy for me to talk to him. I thanked him, but I sent him out to Monaco later. Just as it happened, that did not yet call ( tlaugh ).

– Fast-paced activity?
– Around the same time, he was going to London for the Wyscout forum. It was 700 euro, but I knew I needed to be there. And suddenly the same person who helped Monaco rang me a really big producer. The producer works in Northern Egypt and Algeria making huge contracts, and lives in London only.

– will it meet?
– There is. He came out, it was really, really starting to offer football players. As a result, I got permission from a footballer, who cost several million euros. When he was away he wrote to the person who helped me with everything. I remembered that I did not even thank him. We met later, and introduced me to another agent, Valery Pavlichenko. We have already begun working with him.

– How did you start working together?
– From Serbia. There is a very strong partner – Petar Bazic, so they met as friends. All clubs allowed. We started communicating well with Petar, and I left a lot of it about my venue. Well, everything was going, left. Brasil started writing – five or six representatives. But not all communications can be trusted, it was necessary to develop specific equipment to verify.

The properties of Brazil

– What unpleasant situations have happened with Brazilians?
– I had a case with one Brazilian representative. He offered to organize a football club on his behalf. I told him and he went to the director and spoke to him. It was more unusual, just waiting to wait until the coach decided. An hour later, the news comes out of one of the sites about the transfer of this player to another club. Since then, I mean: all the Brazilian representatives run to the media.

– Is it having a negative impact on the conversations?
For this reason, the Verissimo to Spartak movement did not change out. There had been primary agreement on the change, but all things had now gone to the media. Everything worked up to wages.

– What does the meaning of these actions mean?
– They try to push it, and push it hard. Just get a paper, start without delay to send it to all the clubs. As the football player wants "Spartak". This is the level of the Champions League, the national club of Russia! Start this description. Very happy with the contrary.

– In the transition, Lucas Santos at CSKA failed to take part?
– Number. You see, even to Russia, that it is difficult to move, which is as beautiful as CSKA that they are ready to watch football players. And the club is open to all. If you offer high-quality football players, it is always possible to chat with this club. At the same time, if you look at the area of ​​information, there is no debate about protesters across CSKA. It is not known that the "army" have agents or something like that.

Lassana N`Diaye at CSKA training

Lassana N`Diaye at CSKA training


Why are CSKA successful in breeding

– Why is it difficult to transport movements to Russia?
– Explore. Magnusson used to be used before transferring to CSKA?

– Bristol's Saturday.
– Bekao had a game game?

– No out of crop.
– Vlašic was it?

– Number.
– Akhmetov?

– Generally within the workforce that was working.
– You can see. The operating system works perfectly, according to the one owner says: “I need a key guard with special features”. Scouts and a director of sport take up a number of candidates, focusing on these features. They don't look at whether a football player is playing or that he is not playing. For example, the trainee says: “I need someone to leave it out with a perfect start and with a 50-meter cross to make it just right.” And the scout starts at work in the road.

– In practice, so not?
– In most cases, if a footballer does not enter the field, the club does not even consider it. And in CSKA now combine new protection for those who have never played at all. At the same time as playing at a good level.

– What prevents other clubs from doing the same thing?
– Do you see any internal or external contradictions in CSKA? This is the answer to your question. No the "Ufa". There is a complete order, the players are bought and sold. Yes, they are now in the relegation area. After a personal discussion with Shamil Gazizov, I found that the Europa League had such a big impact. The next time they go out there (and I'm sure it), they'll make no other mistakes. I am sure they will also stay in the RPL. And Ufa has a serious argument in talking to young football players.

– Which one?
– There is a product. Zinchenko, Oblyakov, Diveev – so it's next time. After all, it is very difficult to force a young footballer to go to "Ufa". It can say: “I want to play to the highest level, in“ Zenith ”. And then you can reply, that first it is not ready to play at this stage. Secondly, give an example of "Ufa" and the players above.

About moving it to CSKA

– You have to move Lassana's Danye to CSKA. How was it?
– This player was first offered to me – CSKA. Although the “Army men” already knew the whole Mali youth team. I recognized that the player deserved him when he scored six goals in seven world championship matches.

– CSKA showed an interest immediately?
– They did not, they didn't have to believe. But the player himself was very hard to believe. You can work with Africa as follows – it is very easy to choose a game, but it is almost impossible to introduce it.

– What is the problem?
– So just do not describe. I am ready to offer you to go fly with me to Mali, to look at how life is organized there, and you won't have any questions left. This is another world. The Varlamov blogger knows about Mali, after which nothing needs to be explained. As the player doesn't speak English, and I don't know French, it was very difficult to believe this.

– What arguments were found?
– Like the "Ufa". He told CSKA to take in the players, and in the seller. It is simple. And of course, the chief bailiff of CSKA's chief coach in Goncharenko's also helped me – I told him enough that he can learn a lot from this coach.

– You said she was summoned by well-known agents. Anyone can contact?
– He named the Spanish ship's brother, who now works in the Premier League. It was quite regular. The rest of the delegates asked through helpers. And I also get information from my Spanish colleagues that “Real” shows an interest.

– When you're interested in “Real”, it's hard to believe that you'll go to CSKA.
– Other. You can always give an example of an Edegor. If you are interested in Benfica, Porto, Ajax, Red Bull and Leipzig, this would be more difficult. The second person usually works in Africa stronger than the rest. They work as CSKA, because they are not interested in larger statistics. They have an interest in quality.

– What is Lassana's situation now? Fans are waiting for it to burn.
– Remember the situation with Bistrovich. He also played for a short time, and then went out with Arsenal, and everybody was very happy. Croats named me and said they had experience of the entire Croatia players. But Bistrovich did not know. For them he was mocking. With Bekao the same situation.

So are you sure that Lassana still shows itself in CSKA?
– Of course. Just make sure it is not up to the cairn here. Although, of course, I can not enter the head Goncharenko.

On the market distinctiveness of Russia

– You have accepted that six intermediaries participated in the contract with Diaye. Why so big?
– I know of someone, I know of someone else, and my friend knows the club's sports leader. Yes, this sports director has an email that is listed on the club's website. But 99.99%, who doesn't read your letter, and that you could have a player at the moment ready for Manchester United. Football is a sport and industry that is based on relationships.

– Do mediators always get something from the contract?
– Always varied. There are matters when mediators are dismissed. Anything can be. Say he will eat one thing, one thing, and then he all came to light. What can he get here?

– Do you prefer to work without them?
– Well, there's no such thing – it's easier or not. If there is a condition that improves your image you have to work on it. In fact, the fewer people are, the better. Some motions fail because you communicate with the wrong people. In the RPL I was.

– Tell me.
– I was told: "Wait, now everything will be." Two days later I can see the story of bringing this game into another club. I ask: “How? You said I must wait. “And they answered me,“ They gave more money there. ”It is clear that you put a cross straight away. One of his aims – to close the contract and earn more, but not to think about the player and his life. He was sent to me to opt out for aiding business failure.

– In Europe, it is happening?
– As a matter of course, this is a separate theme. I have recently completed one political footballer for Belgium. I think that in football, the Ukraine runs away from us with weeds. Here we are standing in the place, and she runs away at youth level. So that we can continue, it will continue to run away. They leave, but no.

– Why is this happening?
– They are simple, they have no money. They have an aim for any player – to leave and earn money. No-one wants to answer, replied that he wants to play in the RPL. And you will ask Greenock football about the goal, it says: “Play Sevilla”. Do you feel the difference?

– What is the difference between the Russian market and the European country?
– Our market is very closed. Three of the markets are closing: us, all Arab and Chinese. The Chinese market is usually the closest product. Everyone understands that China is a big money, for example. Among the delegates now is a kind of competition, which will earn more from the move to China.

– What else makes us different?
– High salaries. Strangely, the same situation is visible in Mexico. There are very few players here, and the salary in the Mexican competition is now bigger than our own. And you can hardly football. But for everything special in the Russian market everyone wants to move to Russia.

– High wages?
– They live a lot, they live. The Red Star has a budget of 8 million euro. And here you will see a combination of two players, where the salary equivalent will be this budget. That's what you had to do.

About the hopes

– Are you satisfied with how your job is now developing?
– Always stand at the crossroads. But in two years I have done this way … It's hard, but terrible. You always want more, but you lost your first year because of its colored glasses. Industry news is also very important and is not discussed. In Russia, in order to become an influential representative, you need to keep control of the best players, or keep control of the clubs.

– You're liable for your choice?
– It is better to sign and develop football, and then they come to you.

– What is your aim now?
– Recently I said to Petar Bazich if I were moving to Barcelona, ​​it would be longer for me. For this reason it is not clear how you can encourage yourself. T If you don't look so long, I want a European group with lots of young players.

– You said you played football. Tell me?
– As a child, I was learning at Zenit. Then his father had to move to Moscow, and it made me show me a Spartacus. I had very good data, so after the initial activity they carried out the team. I remember, we played with Dziuba. I'd been involved in 13 years, and I had quite high expectations. But at the end, he killed me.

– Feeling?
– I was looking older, and everything was easier for me than the others. So, he started to work. Вместо Ярцева пришёл другой тренер, и меня попросили на выход. Все говорили, что я сто процентов стану футболистом. Может, из-за этого у меня ничего и не получилось. Теперь всегда говорю футболистам: будьте голодными. Без этого не выйдет.

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