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The first administrative deputy president explained that Putin was dependent on people who have expertise in different areas when selecting candidates for leadership roles. Calling technocrats is wrong, Kiriyenko added

Sergey Kiriyenko

(Image: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti)

It is rare for a region or region to be successful in its role of working “all in its political landscape”, if a highly successful leader utilizes “fully informed experience”. different, ”said the first vice-president of administration president Sergey Kiriyenko, RBC reports.

According to Kiriyenko, Vladimir Putin adheres to this approach when they select candidates for leadership positions.

Kiriyenko announced the benefits of the Russian commander team

“If you look at the decisions that make our president happen when leaders appoint not only of departments, but also from regions, you can see that Vladimir Vladimirovich has experience of the t people with different experience, who have experience in the sector, to experience it. federal authorities have experience of economics, high representation, real business, economic management and political knowledge. That's right, this is a very important thing, ”Kiriyenko said on Wednesday of the session that“ a new system of social leaders in Russia ”as a way of renewing delegates” t international academic calendar in HSE.

The first depute headteacher managed the president's office that social heights should not be divided into politics, economics or technical. According to Kiriyenko, it is as wrong to say that “a branch of regional leaders has appointed our president in recent years” as technician.

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