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The new edition of Lera Kudryavtseva's talk show “The Secret to a Million” is aimed specifically at the date of Alla Pugacheva. About black-blazing close people.

On 15 April Alla Pugacheva will mark the exact day. The worst of the national scene will be 70 years old. In return for such an event, a big performance is planned. The singer says that the singer is very committed to those who are loving and to many fans. However, the environment is not even aware of what kind of display there will be.

“Alla keeps everything in secret. We don't ask her too much, for we all want to enjoy the wonder she is preparing. ".

But the TV crews got ready for the advance of Alla Pugacheva beforehand. So on 13 April and 14 at the First Series the last Soviet Union Artist will be. It is thought that the levels are correct – almost the same as the appeal at the New Year. And on NTV this will reveal a new distribution of the "Secret to a million" exhibition, which celebrates close-knit people of Prima donna.

Her first person, Mykolas Orbakas, father of Kristina Orbakaite, exvatia Elena Presnyakova, who was formerly a frank Sergey Chelobanov, and singer Masha Rasputina and Yulia Proskuryakova tell about Alla Pugacheva. One of the last song writers, Igor Nikolaev, wrote a lot of visits to Alla Pugacheva.

"Have you ever been angry?" – director Lera Kudryavtseva asked Yulia Proskuryakova. “It's better to see her,” she replied with a smile. "Fury?" – the yellow color was not found. “It seems to me that it is just wisdom,” said Igor Nikolayev's wife.

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