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Since December 2018, the number of Binance businesses has fallen by 40%, and Coinbase has shown the worst results in the last 20 months

In January, as soon as the trading numbers were & # 39; reaching a new level, according to a review by Diar. Commercials at the sites are equivalent to 2017. The amount of Binance items fell in a pair of BTC / USD by 40% from December 2018, we talk about couples with USDT steaklkoinami, PAX and USDC, because the platform is not a & # 39; supporting fiat money.

At the Stock Exchange of the United States, there were around $ 1 billion of the trading numbers, the last time they were as low as 20 months ago – in May 2017. OKEx figures fell by $ 4 billion , although they have grown since September 2018 and in December there were over $ 5.5 billion.

In January 2019, the amount of transactions that have been historically demonstrated fell by $ 49 million. For eight months, trading numbers on platforms were down 31 hours.

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