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Mercer named the most suitable towns for life :: Society :: RBC

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Mercer named the villages most suitable for life

International consultancy company Mercer has found a traditional list of towns which will be easier for life. The first place was taken by the capital of Austria. Moscow and St Petersburg did not hit the first century

Photo: Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters

Vienna for the tenth year in a row was selected for the first place in Mercer status, where cities are urbanized, introducing conditions for education and work, transport access, safety and safety. ecology. Experts in the company said there was a low level of crime in Austrian capital, a wide range of activity, a high level of development of transport infrastructure.

Second, the largest town was in Switzerland, Zurich. In terms of security, he was second for Luxembourg and Helsinki.

Third was Vancouver, Munich and Auckland (New Zealand). It is said that the city grew up in Canada and that it was so well-suited to live in North America.

The top also included Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Copenhagen, Geneva and Basel.

The Russian cities did not hit the first century. Moscow was in 167 places, just under Libreville and Accra – the capital letters of Gabon and Ghana, respectively. Mercer St Petersburg inspectors in 174, near Kiev, located the capital of Uganda Kampala and Albanian Tirana. Experts say protection areas like these are defined by their security status. In terms of crime, Moscow and St Petersburg have been recognized as Europe's most collaborative cities.

A total of 231 towns achieved their level. Experts who put Sanah (Yemen), Bangui (CAR) and Baghdad at the bottom of the list.

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