Microsoft will open the new OS in spring

Microsoft is actively working on a new operating system called OS Lite, although it is possible that the name will be taken forward in the future. As expected, the original Spring Office conference can be published at its original official. In the summer months, large exams will begin, although it is not yet clear whether it has been done as part of an "inside" program or for all users at one time.

The above image shows the OS layout of the OS; Currently, for the moment, but in the future it may get changes and updates. In general, it is similar to Windows 10, although it is built on the concept of OOBE (Knowledge of a box).

The OS itself aims at low level entry level devices for which Windows 10 is heavy. However, in the future it is expected to increase the Lite OS capabilities so that it can be an analog of "twelve".

He is aware that Lite OS will not work at the moment but with UWP and PWA applications. Win32 programs are not supported, but this opportunity will appear in the future, although Microsoft has not agreed to the final result. The presentation, as reported, is capable of formatting online wheels or similar web applications, when the code is executed on a remote server, and the product will be sent to the user. The decision may be different, but, in any case, a company wants to reduce costs for a new operating system.

As expected, the new OS can be designed to work with Intel and ARM processes, but it is not known whether the two architectures are supported in the same format.

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