Mikhalkov mentions the sheep of the Women 's Comedy who had been pregnant. Participating for a joke about Karbyshev – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The director and guest speaker Nikita Mikhalkov spoke quickly to the partners in a comic show. Back in 2013, the girls were very successful about General Karbyshev's "frozen spirit". Six years later, their number was criticized.

"They themselves understand what they are saying? Who are they talking about?" Mikhalkov said he was extremely incredible in his authority's program. He also compares girls with stone animals.

The famous singer, poet and writer Yuri Loza supported Mikhalkov's belief. "In fact, the wonder is very spectacular!", The musician gave a brief summary. After that, we talk about the idea; the heroes.

Nikita Mikhalkov said Dmitry Karbyshev was an incredible personality. The Soviet deputy general in August 41, captured by the Nazis, went seven hell into seven German camps, and dismissed all of Nazi's suggestion to co-operate.

On the night of 18 February 1945, Karbyshev, along with hundreds of other prisoners after her skin, was turned by water at 40 levels of frost and died, turn the ice stone for himself.

In August, 46, Karbyshev received the title of the Soviet Union Hero for particular strength and confidence in the Patriotic World War.

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