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Nissan X-Trail and Ford Kuga compared the road

Employers decided to try to try to get their abilities. Cover their coverage in settings designed for these SUVs.

The owners of the Nissan X-Trail and Ford Kuga wheelchair SUV owners have been raising the "off road for the poor" to compare two cars on the roads. Act captured on video and released on YouTube Channel channel AllCars Extreme4x4.

Mail & # 39; First test for the two crossing of the road was inserted into the field. First, he went on the Nissan X-Trail, which is on his back in the "sick." Ford Kuga, who was gutting a bit, but a & # 39; Look at his feelings more confidently, later.

The next thing, the Nissan X-Trail tried to hit the 2-meter hill hill; height and with a loop circle of about 45 degrees. Almost a car did not happen, but at the top of her; hill, she "lay her stomach," which enabled her rest of her move to be able. Owner of the proprietor of Ford Kuga, after the face of a disorder, did not have his car on the same obstacle.

Then the cars went to the quiet road field, where the Ford Kuga launched "the front wheels in a deep shell were unsuccessful. Their car had to be & # 39; drag "Nissan."

When the crosses were crossed to the sandy beach of the river, the Nissan X-Trail showed a good, off-road drive. Ford Kuga first started to make a copy off the road, but then then "burial" again. The transferee driver resolved to deal with the problem by himself, and with a shovel attempting to release his wheels to the sand, but the SUV had to be pulled out, out with Nissan.

As a result of the video, we can conclude that the Nissan X-Trail is more capable of removing the road, compared to the Ford Kuga, but both cars are not suitable for a bad road.

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