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Prices for cars used: level of demanding value

It should be noted that strange numbers have appeared in recent years or so, some of the modules have a 100% or more index. That, used "three years" costs more than just! But, it was simple and simple; In the answer to this route – cars were sold, for example, in 2017, cars were bought before an economic crisis. When car prices were much lower than today. But the three-year high-speed market cars in 2018 were already purchased in 2015. When prices for cars began to grow. Although paradoxes are still visible – for example, the Honda CR-V has a continuous value of 109%, and at Renault Logan it is 93%. So, until these types are used for long-term projections, you need to wait a little longer.

Experts have a "Right Price" project and their & # 39; Avtostat-Info company, which compiles the rating, and Note that the largest number of modules participating in the rating was recorded in the "golf class" (26 models) and "hardwashing / SUV" modules), which is a & # 39; enjoy the & # 39; Most among the car customers in the large sector. Among the promotional messages, Hyundai and Toyota are mostly winners (4 modules), who share the first place and second among them. Mazda and Renault are in third and fourth place, as each of the notices has won three modules.

In the main class, transgenderies and SUVs were in a position; means more than 50% of all modules included in the final (39 modules from 72). There is still a customer interest in road technology. Among the promotional messages of the first sector, it is the full brand leader Mercedes-Benz, and won six models as a reward of the level. Volvo will run either with four winning modules, Audi the third part with three modules in the final list of the main vibrator model.

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