Rubin's story, Gekdeniz Karadeniz, told 64 million rubles from the club

The former Kazan midfielder Rubin Gekdeniz Karadeniz asked for the club to pay a salary debt, Rost Novosti reports.

– Gekdeniz Karadeniz is a real debt. The club does not refuse it, it will pay everything, but now he wants a story; club to deal with current financial situation with understanding, press service Rubin.

According to Business Online, the club is sending its & # 39; 64 million player rubles. In Kazan, the Turks received 250,000 jewels per month, Russia's debt is a net of Russia's money 58,573,116 rubles. Karadeniz also has to pay an interest – 4997121 rubles. In addition, this payer is a responsibility from this salary to pay an income tax and contributions to state property.

A football player who filed a salary debt to the Russian Football Union.

– "Ruby" has now fallen to an end, in the club, although the current players do not pay three or four months. Excessive debts and previous players. But everyone does not complain to the RFU. For example, last year "Ruby" entered into a settlement agreement with the left-wing club due to the same salary debt Fedor Kudryashov. It was paid for six months, and paid 1 million of the place instead of the 1.5 million contractual sum. Despite this, Kudryashov went to the world and recalled the RFU, agreeing to paying back, the report says.

Gekdeniz Karadeniz played in Rubin from 2008 to 2018. For Kazan, he spent 299 matches. He won the Russian prize twice and won the country Cup.

Earlier it was reported that Gekdeniz Karadeniz was construction of the Karadeniz Mosque in the Tysistan of Vysokogorsky in the Kalinino townSouth Westerly

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