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Russian schoolchildren baited with worms with worms: Society: Russia:

In the sports hall Number 33 of the town of Ulyanovsk, pupils enjoyed worms during lunchtime worms. An analysis of poor food delivery is being undertaken. On Wednesday, 6 February, Interfax reports.

"Yes, it was known to deliver low products. The materials were stored securely," placed pressure on the media service for their home administration.

Home authorities also asked to check out the representative's office and Rospotrebnadzor.

It was rejected by the Alternativa factory's production company, who serves the athletics; a control group was & # 39; to take responsibility for control.

On 5 February, social networks reported that pupils' discovery of Àir athletics. 33, during school lunches, food towels in a plague with flies. A picture from the dining room was published. One of the students's mother confirmed that there were insects in the wild. According to the "Ulyanovsk Express" portal, formerly at the "Choice" company already received applications from other educational institutions; town.

On 3 February, he became aware that there were 26 relatives, two officers, and a kitchen worker at Suvorov School in Ulyanovsk, that is, larvae worm in the lungs. The source of the disease is not found. The management of the school said that there is no echinococcosis related to food, it is domestic animals in piadlers.

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