Sainz is the fastest on the sixth day of exams

February 27

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If his first week of tests were overwhelmed by the hardest teams, and then they started to lose time. There are travel accumulation tools on track, there is a breakdown.

On Tuesday, Mercedes lost half the day as a result of burning oil and the place of power, and on Wednesday morning, Sebastian Vettel dropped his car, away at third turn.

A broken car move Sebastian Vettel

The purpose of the event was that; hindered him. There are not enough special parts for exams at all times, the SF90 has redeveloped time. The second session was to work out Charlie Leclaire, who also lost a few hours before the day due to problems with hydraulics, but left only in the last minutes of the session. In the second week of tests on the speed traveled Ferrari is among those who are going out.

Vettel was sent after a disaster to a medical center – the dangerous machine operated, but worked out – Germany quickly interviewed, telling about the incident information. The car was left and reconstructed to & # 39; forty minutes obstacles.

Red flags appeared after they stopped the Sainz and Verstappen tools, but this did not affect the timetable – after a short time, they continued to work.

Daniil Kvyat

For the first time this week, Daniel Quat got behind the Toro Rosso wheel. Like a lot, it works a string of a circle throughout the day on the hard rubber, and # 39; Collect information about the car on a program team. Alexander Elbon's young companion is to experience experiments, and Daniel works with engineers – his knowledge is now very important to the team.

Sensors on Renault car

Renault works enormously with aerodynamics, a ring drive with a variety of senses on the most difficult C1 tires. In the morning, Daniel Riccardo gave 72 loops, after lunch, Nico Hulkenberg followed the same program.

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica raised his first time in a big winter test behind Williams's wheel. The team attempts to compensate for the time spent last week, so the program had to be reduced. Fortunately, his / her trust is in; new car, and so far it costs almost any beat.

The second day in a row at the top of the McLaren racer protocol. Carlos Sainz started his best range in 1: 17.144 – this is the best time in the last six days of winter trials. The Spaniard in the day leaders and the distance that is covered – the new McLaren MCL34 is fast and reliable.

Tomorrow the exams will continue. Most of the teams will be replaced by attackers – and for many, the final day of the exams.

Results of the sixth day of tests

The pilot Team Time Different Circles Coins *
1. K.Sayns McLaren 1: 17.144 – – 130 C4
2. S. You are Racing point 1: 17.842 +0.698 88 C5
3. S. Fettel Ferrari 1: 18.195 +1.051 40 C3
4. K. Raikkonen Alpha romeo 1: 18.209 +1.065 113 C4
5. R.Grozan Haas 1: 18.330 +1.186 120 C5
6. M. Ferstappen Red bull 1: 18,395 +1.251 128 C3
7. D.Kvat Toro rosso 1: 18,682 +1.538 101 C4
8. V. Bottas Mercedes 1: 18.941 +1.797 74 C3
9. L. Hamamilton Mercedes 1: 18.943 +1.799 102 C3
10. N.Hulkenberg Renault 1: 19.056 +1.912 58 C3
11. RKubitsa Williams 1: 19.367 +2.223 130 C5
12. D. Ricardo Renault 1: 22.597 +5.453 72 C1
13. S.Lekler Ferrari without time 1 – –

* It shows what was & # 39; Made of rubber, called the riders who passed the best rod. From the most difficult C1 at least C5. PR – prototypes of new unregistered Pirelli tires.

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