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"Samara has a great team elected"

Sergei Ryzhikov, who went to Samara Krylya Sovetov from Rubin spoke to Rubin this season for 10 years, talked about the reasons why she was going to do it. leaving her Kazan club, a & # 39; Competition with Yevgeny Konyukhov, as well as the needs of Miodrag Bozhovich.

– Now everyone is talking about the expansion of Kokorin and Mamaev. What do you think about this?

"I do not know what I'll do here." The terrorism that is happening in our country. Very tough. I hope they have enough health and patience to keep everything up. There was Kokorin, as long as I remember & # 39; I have had bad injuries and hard work. So, a lawyer's words about his disability may be – it's not a winter; and not paths. God refused the strength of the boys. And, most importantly, the strength of their parents. I want them to lose their hearts!

– Fees for visitors in particular do not depend on the coach?

– In principle, consultants use a variety of exercises in training, but in general they are not quite different.

– Are golfers participating in active reviews at # 39; training camp?

– Not yet. But after the games, in fact, we, along with field players, are present at the theory. Then, together with the visitor coach, we will Analyzing our mistakes.

– Are we personally delivering up & # 39; year?

– I'll estimate her & # 39; The first half of the season is three more. There were good games, and there were fallacies completely. For example, against Arsenal (0: 4) or Krasnodar (0: 3). In those meetings, after their first visit, the team fell unfortunately apart.

Soviet Walls – Rostov. Saves Ryzhikova

– The team is already accustomed to Bozovic's requirements?

– I will not suggest that there have already been strong changes since leaving Andrei Tikhonov. Miodrag wants players to play on, if the least chance is to play; surrender to its game. Trains began to be very clear, like the people are like. At a training camp he was even a There was only one training session each day, but it was very long and long. After the last few seconds, the second one would not be able to. going despite bad adverse effects. Bozovic football aims at the attack. The team should be stressed, & # 39; click down, build up … But it is clear that we should not forget protection.

Unlikely that Andrei Valerievich's choice had a chance to run. He also likes to invade him. Although Miodrag is in training and games that make more pressure on the attack. It works on a Brazilian system and really the success with a score "2: 1" or "4: 3" is better than "1: 0".

– In a winter movement window, as a rule, the team is reinforced to a point, and get so many new people. "Sound of Soviet" – exception. In the middle of the season, it is harder for those who have come into the game model?

– A football team came strong, skilled. In Samara, a good group has been chosen. But I do not agree with you that there should be less movement in the winter than in summer. "Wings of the Soviets" is the time to stop team uptake. For four years, Samarans has descended two descendants and climbed into the RPL. Heads of the department have been aiming to keep tracking in the highest section of this season, and then they will gradually increase in the centers. Under these activities is winning. Now there is enough time for everyone to understand the requirements of coach staff, go to the team and change. In the summer, due to the World Cup, there was not much time to prepare. So I do not see any problem because the club has filled many players. We have an exciting team, it still wants to be familiar with each other and make connections. The hot spring.

– And a veteran team is called "Wings of the Soviets". Do you agree?

– Only six people who are too familiar are coming to mind. Is that well? I'm not sure. It's a good thing that does not manage a club and watch the passport. The main thing is like a football player; look at the field. And the fact is that all the people are players are fine, of course. Now, we all work together to benefit Samara football. Experts and young people are able to teach something, and I can not pull a game through it.

– Andrei Tikhonov's job did not expect you?

– I learned about the changes in the coach staff one of the last ones. Tikhonov is not the last person in Samara. Samara football story. He is both a football player and a coach that made many for Wings of the Soviets. Everyone respects him – from the followers to the ruler. But after September "black" he began to talk about a job; may be there. I ask the people if they know something about this. They said, very similarly, that there was a new consultant, but they did not know. Then on a day with a Dynamo game we were introduced to Miodrag Bozovic. So change to its main coach was not surprising.

"For the last wait" Vitesse "

– You entered a contract for two years. Was it an important time?

– I agreed on one. Not according to the "1 + 1" scheme. Thanks to the Samara club for believing in me. Distribution of some progress. Any football player wants sustainability. First-war contract signed up to war, so it was ready for any contract.

– You came to an agreement with Wings of the Soviets (only on August 1, 2018), because Did they wait for a response from Leonite Slutsky's Vitesse to the last trip?

– It was a priority choice. Unfortunately, he did not work out at the end. Thank you very much Leonid Viktorovich to take care of my person. Honestly, when he was cited, he was instantly encouraged. Again I was sure I had to continue, since Slutsky is interested in me. I waited until the last answer. Due to this, and delay the team's selection.

– Has been considered the ability to work as a trainer for the next season?

– I'm not going to complete my position in two years. I want training at the field and help the team at the gateway. Although health is allowed, I will play. Great wish. When I finish my job, I will definitely send you and tell if I have a tender for a coach. Thanks to another, who still suffers.

– Samara near Kazan. Was this notified when you were logging to & # 39; contract?

– just 4.5 hours per car. But I always had to deal with Samara well. Alex Polyakov (football player, footballer of Ryzhikov – approx. Sport) tells about "Wings of the Soviets" only well. I wanted to play here once. As they say, be aware of your dreams, as it can come true. Well, that request has decided with its ability.

"I do not want to work as a nice coach"

– You received, Sergey Kornilenko, a Russian Shishkin training permit. Now you can talk to Bozovic as a coach with a coach? Does the team have a game councilor from a consultant?

– I would not want to be a beginner of any conversation with his coach. If Miodrag wants to know my opinion, indeed, I'll put it in and then look after it. As it is the main coach, and my job is to take the ball into the goal. Yes, and I have the "A" section, and has "PRO", so I know my place. Subsection has not been suspended. Instead, Sergey Kornilenko can try this job. It's a Samara football story. For many years he spent the "Wings". Our score and skipper. He is over the team. So, Bozovic will come to me instead of me.

With regard to the advice of the players, there is no such thing in the team. Its shape is also a heritage of its coach. If the team needs something, we can talk about this time with the people, and Kornilenko goes to Bozovic and his / her; behavior of the players' opinion. For example, in Abu Dhabi at the training camp, it was very hot, and the teachers organized a training session at 11 a.m. They asked Seryozha to go to Bozovic, explain the situation and ask for the training to be deferred to an earlier period. Miodrag went to the meeting. If we are not too hungry, Bozovic will listen to his / her opinion on his & her; the collection.


– Between themselves, new coaches have already been spoken to talk about the equality of Miodrag's work?

– It's happening. We talk about methods and preparation for the season. While we are & # 39; We would train in the same way. May 26, see what he is managing.

– The keeper can be a good adviser? Many people think the visitor can only train golfers right?

– When I'm a club manager, I respond to it; this question. There are no barriers to a person if he wants something. The main thing is to work honestly. Remember how the main character in the film "Forest Gump" answered, what does he want to be? He said: "Why can not I myself?" I did not apply for a coach coach license. For me, this is a special specialization. I want something else. Will it work out? Please look at the results.

– The media service announced in Rubin in May 2018 that the club would offer a bid to go to Karadeniz coaches and after obtaining the coach license.

– Perhaps, it was only about Gekdeniz. I read this news on the internet. My wife and I just laugh at her. First, I wanted to play more. Secondly, your power might be able to & # 39; club talk about this. But with me there was no talk.

Karadeniz and Ryzhikov can return to Rubin

"Ryzhikov – not the navel of the earth, not the Neuer and not the Buffon"

– But after that time, "Rubin" offered you to expand the contract. I do not like to change something to your life. It was difficult after 10 years in Kazan to make a decision about moving?

– It's a real home. i am But nothing is lasting forever. Now I understand that I did the right choice. It was essential to go to a place, to take a new challenge. The option was not easy. The first two quarters of 2018 morally were a difficult time. But he made his own decision. No one was broken. Now I'm not sorry.

– You said the financial side of the case was not as important to you. Compare the "Rubin" and "Wings of the Soviets".

– In Kazan, I received a salary in a dollar, in Samara – in rubles. As a result, it is difficult to give a proper number. The difference is around $ 1,000 per month. This is a good money, but not so ahead. It is clear that, when Rubin made an offer, there was no conversation yet on Wings. Then I said I did not think about it and I refused.

– You said that Kazan's coaches had a decision with her & # 39; camp. You were expecting a more human opinion. It seems to me that you have been reputed in your answers. Explain, however, what's in a "human relationship"?

– This is just related to you and your advisers. I think who needs it, he realized it. If not, we will talk to the meeting. I do not want to move the time off. A year has passed.

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– Then, apparently you were not unhappy that you did the number two in the team during the season?

– Of course it's not! Ryzhikov – not the earth navel, not Neuer and not Buffon. For me, it's not embarrassing, it's not unhappy and it's not hard to sit on the berry. I could also be mistaken, in a psychological pit. Eventually, a competitive partner can be stronger than I am at this time. I'm holding a & # 39; case calmly. And in the "Ruby" I usually saw the time of a dog at a & # 39; gateway. But as everything was organized … I did not agree with some of my actions. I can not introduce my complaint as to how they were allowed. So he refused to renew the contract.

Rubin – Arsenal. Amazing Save Sergei Ryzhikov!

– Explain.

– I do not like when people keep inside it. When a person gives years to a team, he is worthy of at least respect. It seems that he did nothing wrong, but they dealt with me as a waste material. Pomatrosil and threw them, as they say.

– You did not explain why you were the second one?

– I report. There is nothing at a football morning. The staff are related to the product and decide who is the product; go into the field. But it seemed to me, and I still think that I'm thinking about the job and "Rubin" and I've got more respect from people who have just returned to the team. Again, I have not expanded its financial or football issues.

"The seals talk about the movie"

– Now I'd like to return to "Wings of the Soviets". Andrei Tikhonov said he did not need George Loria. So, you appeared in the team, because the club was looking for a keen keeper. The Romanian criminal was also offended by Samara team staff, saying that he was not removed on a sports base. Similar situation, how is it in Rubin?

– No!

– Why?

– As long as I know, Andrei Valerievich said honestly that he did not need George. This is the best option that may be. This is a crucial place. If they would tell me: "Sergey, you lost your competition to Soslan, we do not need to do it now, we have built a new team in which we are developing young people, Dzhanaev's changeers. We do not count more for you. Thank you for what you did for a club, but where our routes are going down. Help Let's finish this season, and then "Vas-Vas", bye. He will play well, there is no way. We are giving thank you. "And I do not now have to speak, cover, talk. I say, thank you for the truth, I would have finished the season and let me plow our countryside football. But this was not. Instead, there was an idiot, an attempt to make a vague conversation with Vitaly Kafanov, and I was not interested in Berdiyev. I think I qualify for a normal perspective. But with such a way of work and in such situations I can not normally work.

– Andrei Tikhonov said at one of the news conferences that he would invade Evgeny Konyukhov, and at that time he is considering you as the second keeper. You did not discuss your team appointment before entering the contract?

– The seals talk about the movie. "Wings of the Soviets" came out of my agent, and offered to hold talks. He went to Samara. A contract was shown to me. I agree. There was no debate in Loria to stay, whether I only have the number … They said to come, work, and # 39; confirmation. Everyone

– And that's it, you do not have any words about Rubin that you did not even have access to # 39; He plays at the Russian Cup – is not it about your team job?

– We will continue. No competition is but beneficial. But the competition should be white, clean, open. My partner will receive it, I will do everything that the team needs from the sentence. I win, I will do everything to win the field. Janan is a good keeper, and I can sit in stock. There is nothing big. But give me a chance to prove that I'm worth something. Such an opinion may have been determined by an unsatisfied game. But nobody told me that. Berdiyev's own opinion may have things.

– In an interview, Kurban Bekievich explained the situation. "Sergey has been in the team number tomorrow in any situation. When the squad was called, where Dzhanaev was at the gateway, it was difficult for Sergey. Vitaly Kafanov spoke to Ryzhikov, we explained that we need to go to a degree of training process, which we need. He understood everything. You wanted to explain Berdiyev. Here it is.

– In terms of stress, I have been in football for a long time and can understand at the beginning of their weekly visit and the inscription will be released for his / her. game. Already on Tuesday I realized that Soslan would play at the weekend. I was thinking about how to show me. He made it very weird. So I was not scared. I realized that the choice fell on Soslan. No problem

Kafanov spoke to me? The conversation was. Do you understand everything? No, but this idea, Berdiyev, is different. We did not speak to him. The points on the "i" are not added. I report, everyone has the truth. Maybe he does not agree with many of my things, I – with him.

"Buffon's side, a man would have lost."

– Vitaly Kafanov is fascinating for a long time in one of his ideas that Rubin Buffon could only get at one time, but was rejected because they did not want to lose Ryzhikov. Did you know

– Vitaly Vitalyevich told me about it then. I believe that the coach should give their players a defensive carrier. Thank you to Kafanov for not inviting Gianluigi back then. Can I get lost It seems to me, next to Buffonov, everything was lost! Longer than that. I had to play. Grateful that the coach chose me.

"Rubin "was a Buffon offer, but Ryzhikov was afraid to lose his cluba

"Would you do it, instead?"

– Not thinking. I think we need to support the Russian football players. It is clear that Buffon is difficult to refuse. So let's know if I get such a offer, I will make a decision and let you know about it.

– Did the coach inspire?

– I do not know. I continued to work at the highest to protect their trust.

– We're glad that there is a fun game in Rubin?

– Do not let us know so. I do not finish my job. Still a blessing still. In terms of a special game, it is a campaign; for Kazan club management. If they had not done something like this, the fans would not be able to understand it. I said, "Do what you want." At the end, I enjoyed how everything was done. I think I'm worthy of such an event.

Ryzhikov family team who hit "Rubin" fans"

– Сергей Рыжиков-младший оформил дубль. Он в порядке?

– Смеется. Старший тоже еще ничего. Сын также тренируется вратарем в академии «Рубина». Ему 13 лет. Голы он забил, но это было все в шутку. А так он молодец. Занимается с удовольствием. Жаль сейчас не могу уделять ему больше времени. Семья осталась в Казани. Хоть от Самары и недалеко, но все равно выбираюсь к ним только раз в неделю. Сейчас уже стали задумываться о том, как жить после окончания карьеры. Думаем уехать на мою малую родину в Белгородскую область. Сейчас строю там большой дом. Но встает вопрос: оставлять ли сына в интернате «Рубина»?

«Напоследок хочется наиграться»

– Читали ли вы интервью заместителя председателя самарской губернской думы Александра Степанова, который жестко высказался по поводу вашего трансфера?

– Человек озвучил свое мнение. Это не мои мысли, не главного тренера, не руководства клуба, которое меня приглашало. Не знаю этого чиновника. Сказал и сказал. Собаки лают, караван идет.

– Не рассердились, когда он озвучил вашу зарплату?

– Во-первых, он соврал. Сумма неправильная. Во-вторых, Бог ему судья. Интересно ему обсуждать чужие деньги. Он же не один такой в ​​стране.

Заместитель председателя Самарской думы возмущен условиями контракта вратаря клуба «Крылья Советов» Рыжикова

– И все-таки к чиновнику высокого уровня могут прислушаться?

– У нас многие чиновники говорят, все что хотят, а потом делают вид, что этого не говорили. Спокойно отношусь к таким высказываниям.

– С Лорией у вас были нормальные отношения?

– Рабочие. Было видно, что он обиделся на клуб. Не знаю, затаил ли злобу на меня лично. Мы не обсуждали эту тему. Отношения были рабочими. Когда пришел в команду, мне сказали, что Георгий, скорее всего, уйдет.

– Вы провели примерно одинаковое количество матчей с Евгением Конюховым. Он начинал сезон, вы завершали год.

– Это решение тренера. Думаю, нами обоими в клубе довольны. Есть конкуренция, это хорошо.

– Вам комфортно работать в таком режиме?

– Если бы играл по три матча за неделю, как это было в «Рубине», может быть, и уставал бы. А так в еженедельном цикле работать нормально. Мне наоборот напоследок хочется наиграться побольше. Уверен, что все ребята желают выходить в основном составе. Но в команде 25 человек, а на поле можно выпустить только 11. У тренера всегда тяжелый выбор.

– И в заключении. Вы были в курсе ситуации конфликта «Рубина» и Ильзата Ахметова?

– Хочу передать Ильзату привет. Говорил ему тогда, чтобы тренировался, не переживал и тогда обязательно сыграет в Лиге чемпионов. Пусть вспомнит мои пророческие слова. Не знаю, поверил ли он мне тогда. Ильзат – красавец! Переживаю за него и болею. Но в полной мере его ситуации я не знал. Хотя интересовался у людей, которые были в курсе всех нюансов. Их мнению доверяю, а они сказали, что правда была на стороне Ахметова. Надеюсь, Ильзат принесет еще немало пользы российскому футболу.

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