Scientists have proved that extra bacteria don't work

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Food is said to contain the same vitamins and vitamin supplements in the diet and dietary and regular food dishes, just some of them. Scientists from Tufts University (SA) argue that this is where “more” does not mean “better.” T ”

A new study has shown that there is an introduction of specific nutrients associated with reducing mortality in every case. only when the food is food, it is not support material. t

The survey used a sample of data from more than 27,000 American adults at the age of 20 and over. Scientists have assessed its link between microchip use and total mortality, BVD and cancer. In addition, in each case, the researchers have identified the nutritional resource.

In particular the following effects were found:

  • the introduction of adequate quantities of K and magnesium vitamins (within the daily boundary) related to a lower risk of death;
  • the introduction of vitamin A, vitamin K and zinc was associated with the reduced risk of death from CVD;
  • uptake of calcium was associated with a higher risk of death from cancer.

When scientists evaluated sources of active active elements (food or support materials) t In addition, he wrote out:

  • a lower risk of death associated with the appropriate intake of vitamin K and magnesium, provided by foodstuffs but not from foodstuffs;
  • the reduced risk of CVD death was associated with the appropriate seizure of vitamin A, vitamin K and zinc also provided from food supplements rather than advances;
  • calcium from improvements in at least 1000 mg / day presenting a higher risk of cancer mortalityhowever, there was no link between cancer and calcium intake.

There were also signs that vitamin D may be contributing to people who have no vitamin D vitality associated with a greater risk of death from all causes.

It is true that even the improvements of even those people did not eat food at lower levels and did not find enough fragments.

Researchers have concluded that the whole thing is combining nutrients that are naturally produced in normal food, but are not available in chemical chemicals and food labels. Anyway, the results of the research show that when it benefits from the vitamin benefit, their well must be shown.

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