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Scientists tell how easy it is to return the liver

The way experts give it is accessible to everyone and even help to stop breast cancer development.

The researchers came to the conclusion that someone who uses a lot of grain is very important about their health than everyone else. Overall, during their experiment, nearly 125.5 thousand people were under scientists' control. The liver treated the disease in those who ate grain. So, experts recommend that people don't forget to eat food from cereal without damage and without sinking. These include, for example, grain – barley, rice, barley, barley and other. Grain materials are also advised to eat when you want to lose weight – they have a positive effect on depression.

Experts believe they are helping to reduce the risk of around 20 cancers.

Earlier in Gazeta.SPb it was reported that a new approach to lung cancer was published in St Petersburg.

Ksenia Belovitskaya, Gazeta.SPb

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