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Sony PlayStation 4 in a long time will not drop down at a price twice

Since the generation of current play consoles have come to market, more than five years have passed, and they are very spectacular from technical terms. As a result, developers can not bring all ideas and ideas, because the computing power of consolates for this is just enough, and even gamers, who are not satisfied with the quality of graphics in the video games, unhappy with this. This is why the demand for Sony PlayStation 4 from the beginning of 2019 falls rapidly.

This is proof that the manufacturers of this consulate are literate every week; launches a number of advertising and sales, and are aimed specifically at engaging in PS4, which is weaken every day. However, in a long time, Sony needs to take big steps to ensure that there is a clear future for PlayStation 4, the business analyst Michael Pacter is sure there. According to it, the consulator will be cheaper to get cheaper.

If you're currently installing in different countries of the world offer for Sony PlayStation 4 for $ 349 – $ 400, depending on the layout and the folder, then you have the right to Every merchant to be able to Buying consolates this game twice as cheap – for just $ 200. It is at this point that the producer will set the price tag on PS4, which the expert says. This will greatly increase consumer demand, as well as expanding the life cycle of generations.

It is alleged that the price tag will be & # 39; falling in the second quarter of 2019, that is, it will be more likely, in May or June this year. As a result, Sony PlayStation 4 will be accessible to a wide range of customers, as it is possible to buy for around 13,000 rubles. For more than five years, more than a thousand different games have been released for this consensus, and its & # 39; Most of it is bought for less than 1,200 rubles ($ 200), and another PS4 purpose is to buy at the end of life and many interesting people, and sometimes even special games that are not on any platform in the world.

Earlier it was announced as the top 50 of the most popular games for Sony PlayStation 4, which gamers often buy.

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