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In the past, 2018 was a time of rapid growth at NVMe. During this period, many manufacturers have developed and exhibited products which have in particular raised the total number of solutions working through the PCI Express bus. NVMe SSD linear performance started following the PCI Express 3.0 x4 interface, and the speed has increased for sensible operations compared to previous generations' offerings at times.

It is therefore no surprise that many interesting solutions have emerged. Last year, there had been a steady increase in the use of Intel SSD 760p, WD Black NVMe and ADATA XPG SX8200, all of which observed the degree of NVMe models which were representatives of an entirely new generation – the t an increase in the characteristics of such important features. Another symbol for change was that, for the first time in a few years the Samsung provider of the SSDs was the most interesting: the Samsung 960 EVO initiative that was offered it in the last year was very different t the best choice due to increased competition. And it seems that the start of the rapid growth could not be halted, and in 2019 there was an active development of the big SSD.

However, the first few months of this year seem to be at odds with: the last appears to have disappeared from last year, and the biggest level of success has been that of all. in time soon, we have been able to update the results for the year ahead. There is no need to go long for examples. Today we will become familiar with the next group of the NVDe SSD of Western Digital, WD Black SN750, and this year's theme is the third novel, which was created without radical change to the fundamental driver of driving. In the results we meet this year, manufacturers do not provide us with new approaches and solutions. Everything is restricted by changing memorials to more recent types, or only developing at a microprogram level.

However, we do not want to say whether it is clear that such an approach cannot clearly deliver good outcomes. An excellent example is that: the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, which is different from the previous one, replaces the newer TLC 3D V-NAND basers from the previous one. , without setting new indicators for the customer market for NVMe SSD.

But this is not always happening and not at all. For example, the new version of ADATA XPG SX8200, which received the pro-version, found the proof that it would be better if there was no comment. The enterprise has grown faster than the previous one in criteria, although it does not provide significant progress in distance indicators or other features.

What Western Digital has done, at the outset, is more likely to be the ADATA method. The fact is that WD Black SN750 was the analogue NVMe WD driver last year (the model number SN720) had the corrected corrective. However, we will not decide that there are decisions, who knows how this may affect achievement. In the end, the Western Digital scene gave a remarkable outlook, when the second edition of WD Black PCIe emerged, which was the first of its kind and changed into one of the best users NVMe SSD last year. So, as soon as a third version of the Digital Digital drive was reached in Russia, we immediately decided to prove it. Let's take a look at it, perhaps that Western Digital handled it again to make Samsung and something more exciting than the Samsung 970 EVO Plus?

. Specifications

Last year, Black NVMe (SN720) driving, Western Digital has completely restored its hard platform. The manufacturer has entered into the development of this SSD with full responsibility: even the leader has created a special model for him, which, as originally designed, would have been in a variety of changes. ordinarily extend its campus of other NVDe companies. The new SN750, which we are talking today, really introduces the original idea: the main part is missing from that which has come before. It again uses the three-stage, twenty-four meter control, created by the SanDisk engineering team which has undergone digital Digital.

However, in practice the failure of the regulator to consider something bad may be considered. The SanDisk microcircuit showed very well in a Black NVMe sample of 2018, and, despite the small number of ARM Cortex-R cases, without any complications, it produced very good performance indicators.

No change from the previous version of the SSD and memory. Then and now, Western Digital is used for its iconic product which has a 64-layer BiCS3-memory memory (TLC 3D NAND) with a 256-gigabit crystal size. And this time, being honest, raises many more questions. The fact that the test it was made was made more memorable than the 96th level of the fourth generation (BiSC4) Western Digital last year. And it would be reasonable for it to be in the current version of the company's flagship campaign that such memory would be given. In addition, the Digital Digital Toshiba production consortium began operating on a cruise back last September (XG6 is the matching model). However, something the Western Digital went wrong, and the transition to a 96-layer flash memory did not happen, with the fact that the new Black SNSP appeared from a shape of the hard shape quite like the previous version of the 'black' emblem. ”.

In defending the new business, the producer says that considerable changes have been made to the firmware level, and the redesigned software element may be showing some improvements in speed achievement t . But it is worth noting here that SanDisk, the founder of the Western Digital, is based on the application of a multitude of algorithms, mostly with the functionality of the algorithms use of software. t

And this truth ensures that progress out of the next Black family member is significantly developed by some of the best ways to achieve the microprogram. However, the digital digital marketing sector does not seem to share our credibility. The list of novel features is made as if the SN750 Black was considerably better behind the previous Black NVMe. According to official data, average reading and writing rates increased by 3-7%, as well as the speed of small block readings. And the pace increased by random writing up to 40% immediately, which should be ensured that the best model of the new model is made in real-life situations.

If we talk about specific numbers, the official specification for WD Black SN750 was completed.

Manufacturer Digital west
A row of WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD
Number number WDS250G3X0C WDS500G3X0C
Feart form M.2 2280
Interface PCI Express 3.0 x4 – NVMe 1.3
Capability, GB 250 500 1000 2000. T
Memory components: type, course technology, manufacturer SanGisk 64-layer BiCS3 3D TLC NAND
Administrator SanDisk 20-82-007011
Buffer: type, volume DDR4-2400,
256 MB
512 MB
1024 MB
2048 MB
Max stable linear reading speed, MB / s 3100 3470 3470 3400
Max speed in the steady writing, MB / s 1600 2600 3000 2900
Max random reading speed (4 block KB), IOPS 220,000 420,000 515,000 480,000
Max random writing speed (4 block KB), IOPS 180,000 380 000 560,000 550,000
Physical features
Energy measure: seal / reading, W 0.1 / 9.24
MTBF (time between failure), million h. 1.75
Recording facility, TB 200 300 600 1200
Total measurement: DhVhG, mm 80 x 22 x 2.38 – without a radiator
80 x 24.2 x 8.1 – with a radiator
Mass, g 7.5 – without radar
33.2 – by radar
Warranty period, years 5

As all developments in performance have been achieved but with fixes firmware, it is all natural to ask if there is a similar development in 2018 modules distributed by WD Black NVMe. But unfortunately, the answer is negative. Western Digital refused to explain why the SN750 stronghold cannot be used in the SN720, but we believe that the new device will take more account of the control machine and prevent any problems from being caused. quality requirements for semi-release crystals. Indeed, Western Digital has recently introduced a lower level of NVMe solution – Blue SN500, and the company now has a natural chance to make a difference between the controllers and its t the level of silicon without increasing the level of scrap.

Together with an increase in the frequency of the regulator, the re-organization of the CLC principles could help to improve the performance of the Black SN750. If we are talking about Black NVee, the SLC investment in this driving was less effective. Developers used the simplest static scheme, and the rate of memory run in fast mode was relatively small – only around 3 GB for every 250 GB of SSD capability. However, the new version of the Black SN750 has not, however, brought about significant improvements in this route. SLC-cache is again working on a set area of ​​the same memory memory. Thus, all of the original entries are against Black SN750 SLC's investment.

As a picture, we display the traditional graph, which shows how the SNC Black semi-tapered model of performance appears to be consistent with continuous, continuous recording.

Indeed, this graph is roughly equivalent to the linear writing graph we received for WD Black NVMe. And this applies not only to the size of the data, after registering is falling in speed, but also the overall values ​​of the speed of registration.

But WD Black SN750 is still offering it. For example, now there is a TB version of 2 driving which has appeared in the model field. However, it must be noted that the purchaser is to use 512-gigabit shelves rather than 256-gigabit shelves and that this is, as is often the case with that t , adversely affecting achievement. Even with a passport consent specification, a 2 TB movement is slower than a TB TB 1.

The second element is the concept of a specific game approach (M Method Gaming), which is aimed at people who are interested in achieving the highest possible performance. In it, for the driving, the power-saving jobs (Autonomy Power Changes) are abolished, which allows the opportunity to delay delays in receiving information at the time. The play process for Black SN750 is disabled in the Western Digital SSD Dashboard property investment, where the most appropriate change has now been added.

However, a Gambling Method should not be considered to be a form of magic technology that is capable of effecting change in an achievable situation. Testing shows that the level of growth is almost inevitable. Small changes are best seen only in luxurious symptoms and only in small operations in spare supply.

The mode of playing is away

The mode of playing is away

The gaming mode has been enabled

The gaming mode has been enabled

However, for desktop systems, we would still propose to implement the disability gaming method. The performance support that it continues to provide, although small. At the same time, this approach does not include any negative phenomena, as well as a small increase in energy consumption, more likely to be seen in the desktop.

In respect of the guaranteed warranty and resource contracts, WD Black SN750 is fully similar to the previous model. The warranty time goes to a normal five-year period, where the user is permitted to delete the drive altogether 600 times. This has been done only for the younger version of 250 GB: for that purpose the facility has been increased to 800 times the SSD writing across the service.

Tas # Appearance and interior device

As follows, the WD Black SN750 is now a updated version of the old WD Black NVMe with a fairly full list of changes. It is therefore of no surprise that the older and new versions are identical to that of a PCB. The design has not changed, and it is impossible to differentiate between a more recent model from an elderly person, if you strip off it.

The SSD has a one-dimensional design which allows it to be used for small spaces. Central to the board is a corporate SanDisk 20-82-007011 central controller, and two memorial memory slides are separated at the edge of the model M.2. This was done for the reason – West Digital engineers decided that the PCB would be scoped out by simplifying this arrangement, and the problem with the heat sink is solved.

We tried 500 GB vigor, and a number of memories were erected on two lumps, each containing eight 25-grade 256-Gbps 3D TLC (BiCS3) crystals made of SanDisk. So the drive-drive eight-channel administrator is involved in using a bilingual version of devices in each channel. This is usually enough for a SSD hardware platform to enable maximum ability to be removed.

Beside the supervisor, is a DRAM buffer setup, which is necessary for the fast-tracked translation work. This is the only part of SN750 Black WD that the buyer is bought on the side. In this case, the SK Hynix slice with a potential of 512 MB was used, and the bet was made on a fairly quick memory – DDR4-2400.

However, there is nothing new in this respect, we see the same thing when we met WD Black NVMe. But Western Digital tried to provide money for changes in hardware formats with at least some external changes. For WD Black SN750, the gaming icon has been selected, and all available features will help to focus on them: first, the design of the pack and the second place, with a look at what the information sticker is about the SSD .

The WD Black SN750 box is made in a black color scheme, replacing blue blue design, the monospace font is actively used in the design, and the driving name is now registered as WD_BLACK.

The driving stick is also designed in a similar style, but it has no flaws. But you can be forgiven, because the producer had a lot of service information, logos and parking codes.

As the Black SN750 has clearly aimed at interested parties, it would be reasonable to do so if the sticker was made on a fixed footing, which some manufacturers use to improve their performance. heat from chips on a SSD board. But the Western Digital developers decided to look at a more fundamentally cooling case, and for those who are very worried about the cooling out, they changed the SN750 Black with a full radiator.

This version is costing $ 20- $ 35 more expensive. However, the Western Digital think that there is certainly something to pay for. After all, it is not a simple device to get rid of the heat that a radar machine has installed, which is, for example, sent to the SSMe companies from the third echelon. The Black SN750 is a black aluminum alman crop which has been made by experts in their field – inviting experts from the EKWB company.

⇡ # Software-soft

The same ownership facility as the SSD Dashboard is always in dispute with West Highland drovers. This will lead to the basic tasks of maintaining them. But by publishing the new version of the flagship SSMe SSD, it has changed clearly: there is a new dark version of the interface you see, which will be automatically turned into the game show, Black SN750 t -systems.

At the same time, the capabilities of the service are now virtually the same, and there is no evidence of anyone. In fact, only Gaming change mode is added to the normal setting. But this does not mean that we are all dissatisfied with something: there are no complaints about the SSD dashboard program, as it remains one of the largest facilities of the SSD. this type.

Key features of the SSD dashboard: obtain information about the SSD that it has entered in the system, including data on the remaining resource and current hot temperatures t ; monitor motor performance in real time; upgrading web-sites via the internet or file; does effective work and deletes any data from memory memory by sending it off; complete SMART tests and view SMART features.

It is worth noting that the options for defining SMART boundaries, based on the SSD dashboard, are slightly closer to information obtained from independent third party programs.

However, driver NVMe owner of WD Black SN750 is not given. Therefore, it is necessary to work with the normal driver in the operating system, which, in order to increase performance and performance in standard indicators, is recommended to delete the option to “Disable Your Deposit” Windows cache for this device ”.

If you find the mistake, select the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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