The American politician was banned in the “Eve Online” game for corruption. Reedus


According to Eurogamer, an American politician has been banned from Eve Online for corruption against him.

CCP-Games, creator of the game “Eve Online”, argued that Republican Brian Schöneman, who was known to replace MMO as Brisc Rubal, was rejected as a Star Management Council (CSM) member. Yes, and he had used information in order to make money in the game.

A message on Eve Online's website states that a politician shares confidential information with members of his relationship for making “illegal unlawful conversations”. Brian Schoeneman (Brisc Rubal) escapes any serious crime.

Character of the game Brian Schoeneman

CSM membership campaigner Brian Schöneman depended on his true experience as a politician and so joining his own life in his daily life, removing him as a CSM representative t . He also stopped all game counts. All illegal assets and ISK (online money excellent "Eve Online"), received as a result of the event, were withdrawn from them.

In a message on Reddit, Brian Schoeneman dismissed the charges against him and promised to "go against these false charges."

As a United States solicitor and public person, my virtuosity and reputation is governed by a professional code of responsibility and statutory law, unlike the CCP community non-government team. As a proxy for almost a decade, I have never had any complaints. I worked in public confidence in the US government. Charges that I am in danger of being exposed to such information by providing confidential information to members of my own association for personal gain are false, t – says Brian Schöneman.

In real life, Brian Schoeneman was Republican nominee 2011 as a representative of the state of Virginia and lobbied for transport issues. It was defeated by the democracy David Demov in the general election in November 2011.

Brian has been playing Eve Online since 2006 and it seems to be bringing his daily life to fruition. Some players said that Schöneman never had to bind a match with his real life so that no reputation was lost on his reputation as a true politician.

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