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The number of people with hepatitis A is increasing in Penza

Not at the right time, in the season that is unimportant for hepatitis A is a rare viutral, the disease is cleaned. Hepatology department in the regional center of the special types of medical care is filled with patients with squirrels. Another name is "dirty hand disease".

Doctors say that children are usually liable to this disease, but in February there is an increase in the number of adults. People seem to follow personal hygiene rules, the materials are washed, but as it is; appears, not enough.

"Unbiased and scattered nuts that are not processed to a term. The wash was unfinished nuts before they were spent: they bought at a market, not to be washed, eaten. The lines, the apricots dry on the washing, they are well-cleansed, they are spilled with boiling water, but are not processed to thermal, that is, they are almost not boiled, "said Anna Stepkina, head of departmental department department for special medical care.

Patient stories are the most different. If some people have nuts and dried produce, other patients have a & n; Believing they were put into tangerines on the hospital bed.

Before you make orange fruit, burn under running water, doctor's advice. After that, not only does viruses have a skin.

"In addition to the patient with hepatitis A vaginal viutral, hemorrhagic disease was diagnosed with dubhagan syndrome." Mice could go through the tangerine stored in the boxes, "said Anna Stepkina.

Olga did not immediately realize she had taken on hepatitis A. The disease began with signs similar to rotavirus disease.

"He had a high temperature for a week, and he spent it. Then the local doctor called him, because everything started in a new way, and turned only yellow In the second week, well, she came here with the temperature, "explained the patient.

However, the liver that affects its & # 39; virus. To restore the work of this organization, it will take a long time, compliance with the diet and doctor's suggestions.

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