The real reasons for the divorce divorced Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak with her husband

Ani Lorak with her husband // Picture: Instagram

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu's divide are not yet restrained by fans. They hoped that the singer would benefit each other unbelievable and try to save the family, but the wonderful thing did not happen, and he recently discovered that he had a great deal. court has split between the spouses. Now on the agenda is a & # 39; question about the separation of possession and the Murat meeting schedule with her daughter Sofia.

Last year, the decision-making network of the Shevchenko district court in Kiev revealed that Caroline's name became apparent to her husband after her marriage. In addition, it seems that a couple had not been in & # 39; live together for the past two years. The court asked to spread the singer and businessman as a result of the incapacitated & the arrangement was.

Ani Lorak will not stop her husband to see her daughter

Ani Lorak will not stop her husband to see her daughter // Picture: Instagram

Opined by the documents, it did not; It's a treachery of its pride. The main reason for divorce is a conflicting disagreement and a lack of trust, feelings of love and respect. In addition, it is alleged that the marriage of a couple and their children would be married. Note that the name of Ani Lorak is not included in the document, but by the number of the case and date of marriage registration, the journalists decide that it is; belong to the marriage divide.

"Married life did not go out, because there are no common views of family life, trust, sense of love and love. They do not live in the same family for about two years , the marriage relationship is complete, settlement is incapable, "the statement states in the Unified State Court of Courts.

Ani Lorak is now on a trip

Ani Lorak is now on a trip // Picture: Instagram

On the way, facts about a divorce divide appeared in 2018, but Lorac sent official papers only in December. Two separate from 31 January. At the test, Ani or Murat did not appear to apply to represent their interests by their lawyers.

Ani Lorak and Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu were married on 15 August 2009. They returned to Antalya in 2005 on holiday, and in 2006 Murat moved to Ukraine. Now it benefits the clubs and restaurants in Kiev. Rooms have to leave their & # 39; A couple after the video in which Murat put hold of the other girl calmly. After that, the web started to publish other facts of an antisocial business. So far, Ani or Murat had no idea of ​​the situation.

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