The war for the framework and the common weather: review of the Dual Live Life exhibition with two shows and face camera

Two full shows – how will they get on?

Last year, Vivo published the NEX S, an unattended tweed phone with a camera that moved to & # 39; case. The decision is controversial: the machine is slow, dust has come in, and the quality of the shooting is not on. In the new NEX Dual exhibition one main camerawho works as a face.

in front of

Move the slide to the left and right to compare pictures.

When the person appeared when he was burning, the screenshot came. We saw something similar to the Yota Yotaphone no Meizu Pro 7, but the first one was an e-ink display, and the second was just a small screen. To work altogether it is impossible. But the NEX display has two super AMOLED devices – there are no restrictions.

The main show is a staggering of 6.39 "and full HD + configuration including 91.63% of the front panelThis is a great deal, but Xiaomi and ZTE are in the foreground of this sign. Compare:

The show without frames look cool, my friends – happy. How to make them even bigger: click on the edge button and click on the smartphone. There – the only exhibition, except less (5.49 inches), and with a ratio of "classic" of 16: 9. Quality matrix, clear – without objections.

As this is AMOLED, there will always be an exhibition on either side. There is even such a "inside" smartphone, analog of a clear cover (indeed not) in Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

Vivo gave a lot of attention to ergonomics. Here Two talk speakers and two green buttons (more specifically, the second one is a complex key). You can work with any side of the digital phone – to call, & # 39; play, watch movies and & # 39; go through Instagram. The question is "why?" Open houses

There is one button: entries on the back screen are displayed with a ratio of 19.5: 9 – that is, the same as the main screen. As a result, the edges appear at the edges and eat up the room that can be used. We wait to be corrected in the future.

Why do you need another show? And how did smartphone solve?

In addition to what's obvious – try to be on your own selfie, – the second screen is suitable for entertaining. for example you can draw and present on the second animation showNext to the subway, and in front of a beautiful girl / sweetheart. You will highlight your display and first show on the other side of your phone.

Or here else, closer to truth and distress from harassment. You want people to take a picture from you, and then it appears that the legs are "cut off", the horizon is spread with eyes closed. To avoid this, turn the show on either side, and we're praising the photographer. And if you hit a model, you can present your suggestions – examples of established settings.

A fingerprint scanner built under the main showSouth-West This is the five scanned generation, compared to the Vivo NEX S, it works much faster and more precisely, even the Huawei Mate 20 pro. But it does not affect wet fingers.

Behind her job resolution, not just 2D scan, but as in the iPhone XS – a & # 39; used 3D ToF Sealwhich has a three-dimensional image profile over many points. Appearing fast, safe, and even working in the dark.

If the smartphone opened on one side, and then going to the second show it is not necessary to complete the test again. This is useful.

Moon prism, give me … light

When the background is displayed, an unusual circle will take the eye. he is Lunar Ring with two sweets and LEDs in color throughout the whole.

That's why it is needed:

  • circle squirrels in different colors when entering calls, calls, or when the textphone is & # 39; cost;
  • when you got pictures respond to light effects (rainbow, maritime background, etc.) and yellow pruning unless it opens in the frame and eyes. Blue – if something is wrong. Type of indicator that helps to make the perfect selfie;
  • when they are filmed, the Lunar Ring is not a '; hitting the "fire just", but gives a soft lightSouth Westerly

Here's what it looks like:

If the second show only needs due to a lack of pre-face, the Lunar Ring is only due to Chinese love for selfies. For most users, there is a LED signal enough, and instead of a filming film, there would be a lot of light on the front with a screen. But if you want to make pictures of yourself and your friends on the front, this is the most fragile version.

Three cameras, only one shoe

Its main camera is similar to Vivo NEX Last year: Sony IMX363 sensor with 12 megapixels resolution, 1.4 μm pixel, f1 / 7.9 optical openingSouth West There is a stable situation. A 4K video is written with a maximum frequency of 30 frames / sec. The second camera with 2 funny megapixels will confirm the distance and its # 39; help you hide & # 39; behind. The third is the three ToF 3D camera already mentioned.

Throughout the day, the main sites are perfectly decorated, we are interested in quality in difficult situations. Here, the Life of NEX Dual Display was made amazing: in the dark it gives detailed information, sharpness, not frightening and "deleting" the details in the screen.

Move through the gallery to see pictures

This is not the level of the Huawei P20 Pro no iPhone XS (a lot of sound around the edge of the frame, a lesser range of animation), but with Galaxy S9 or Xiaomi Mi 8. Here is only one second two times cheaper.

But no camera is enough. Three or two times move, shirik is a & # 39; gives greater opportunity for creativity.

Selfie quality – usually out of competitionNext Take a picture of yourself on any major digital phone camera, and get the product much better than the face camera. It's just a NEX Heritage show that it's suited to do.

It is also a paradise for mammals: a platform, a basin, made up. There are only pre – twelve editing options: bills, ears, eyes, etc. The exact scale makes it good in the dark, the light is not as tough as usual.

Inappropriate booklet with main "iron"

The Life of NEX Dual Display was released on weekdays following the qualification of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 process, so this is a Snapdragon 845 last year, which is still appropriate, but it is already 10 GB of RAMPost-More (12 GB) we only saw in the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT. But there are even 10GB muscle play, Google's Pixel 3 with 4 GB of RAM is too fast.

Performed in WoT: Blitz and PUBG Mobile at the fastest speed – everything goes smoothly. There was one blogger that complained about being a "#; thrust – we did not find it: CPU Thrust Test showed a performance reduction of just 16% in 10 minutes, which is normal. Here are the results in other tests (new – AiTuTu, for measuring the speed of AI based process):

128 GB permanent memory, it can not be extended by cards: two nanoSIM cards are placed in the boat, no longer. Smart phones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type-C port and even phone, but due to Chinese market features here no nfc: in China, QR codes will be used for this, with the second exhibition it is easier to make it easier. Other inequality: no water protectionSouth Westerly

The second show does not affect the running time

Often news about the NEX Vivo Heritage Exhibition: "Yes, it's only 3500 mAh, with two screens – not a tenant. "No, usually only one exhibition works, except only at times two. For example, when hunting pictures, when the model also looks at the display and its # 39; correction of the photographer. Method is always "On" eating "more, but it's very common, you do not need – you can turn it off.

Our tests will prove: the NEX Vivo Heritage Exhibition, usually operates 24 hours a day, with increased increase, from morning to late afternoon. In the video and game exams, the Huawei P20 Pro output, and this is one of the most stable smartphones today:

Immigration tax technology from Vivo NEX S was: At 22.5 W power, the battery will be cut from 0 to 100% in 1.5 hoursSouth Westerly

Mail Hi-Tech Description

Dual Life Dual Life Show was broadcast only in China. Then it costs 5,000 yuan (about 48 thousand rubles). When the wireless phone appears in Russia – we do not know what we need – its question, but its smartphone phones performed its task: it shows that Vivo is not afraid to be & # 39; try out and what a company can innovate.







Face camera


Self Management


A binary exhibition of technology; there. Who do he buy? Technicians and selfies: the camera has a quality camera with a cool camera. The rest will cost 50,000 more practical phones – Huawei P20 Pro, OnePlus 6T or even Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, which will be released in Russia.

The Dual Display Life is another important issue: do we need an exhibition for its & # 39; whole face panel? Is it very wild "bangs" and "chins"? It may be time to stop running unframed, and a & # 39; investment in devolution, system fitting, photo processing algorithm? We hope 2019 will bring innovation into these areas.

Two shows

A very beautiful AMOLED exhibition

Scanner fingerprint quickly

Early face solution

Hunting of good quality in the dark

The best selfie quality is among smartphones.

High performance

Excellent self-management

There is a audio jack

No nfc

No water protection

Slot for memory card

Linne Ring Design for everyone

Just one camera

If the smartphone has elapsed, you have to repair two displays – it's expensive

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