The witness told the court about what had happened with Kokorin and Mamayev Correct The Society


Moscow, 10 April – AIF-Moscow, Alexander Boyarsky.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow is still holding meetings on “the Kokorin and Mamayev case”. On Wednesday, another witness was challenged – a friend of football players, Gennady Kuropatkin, reports on the respondent from the courtroom.

Gennady Kuropatkin, along with Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, Moscow in St Petersburg arrived at night in the build up to the events of 8 October, 2018. Along with his companions, he attended the Egoist club and Kofemania café, where two battles.

According to Kuropatkin, a daughter called Sasha asked for a car driver to park near the club if he and the Kokorin and Mamayev-taking company introduced him to the phrase: "Chan I have no cock. Tell the girl about it, return to a young people's company. It was they who decided to find out why he put them down, and driver Solovchuk answered aggressively, said Kuropatkin.

Then Mamaev said she took Solovchuk to the jacket, and he answered with a blow to the cheekbone area by hand. A football player tried to take it back, but he did not hit, afterwards and the driver ran.

“Then they all moved lately and ran the other side from the club. I ran too, but my phone fell. T As he got up, everyone was already standing around the driver who lay on the ground. He had blood on his face. It was less aggressive than before. He said he wanted to go in the car and leave. Later, as he disappeared, I took a hard hit on the window on the side and broke it, ”said the evidence.

According to Kuropatkin, the conflict rose to Pakistan, because someone was compared with South Korea singer Psy, the famous "Gangnam style". He heard about this, and then went over by Protasovitsky, who said his excuse for his words, but Puck replied with “bad words”.

“Then Sasha Kokorin came up and took his chair and wanted to sit down. Who knows Sasha, he's a good man. He shouted his chair, and hit the top of his left hand, ”said the evidence.

Earlier, Kokorin and Mamaev admitted that they were guilty. At the same time, Mamaev did not recognize the preliminary conspiracy, and Kokorin – the call and beat "according to Solovchuk." The court has already questioned three eye witnesses. The prosecution said there was a disagreement in one of the witnesses in the case. Moscow City Court will consider a complaint about the extension of the post for half a year to Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev's football players on 17 April.

Recall of footballers who are accused of "hooliganism", "beatings" and "one thing that would lightly hurt health."

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