This is a ban: Windows 10 growth has died

In the summer of 2015, Microsoft's Microsoft American Microsoft launched a Windows 10 operating system, free of charge and installed for all users of 8 and 8.1 versions, many of which have access to this opportunity. However, this OS can not exceed Windows 7, according to hundreds of millions of computers still working all over the world. Owners carry all things so that the latest software can not be used, where they are not; they really enjoyed.

In addition to the misleading, inconvenient interface, there is a new upgrade system of the Windows 10 operating system that regularly updates computer owners, and after installing, there are problems unpleasant to often appear. So, in the spring, it was released from the Redstone 4 update. Computer-makers installed it among its first, against long-term regeneration, as well as other problems. As a result, the problem was resolved only a month later, with the result that the renovation was totally available a month after the time it was promised.

The last fall, Microsoft updated the Redstone 5 update, but the first ones that installed it on their computers noted that their personal files were lost to their collapses, pictures, and many others. As a result, developers recognize the problem and allow for a stable, functional acquisition of Windows 10 after 2 – 3 months. He resolved problems that led to the attempt to upload personal data up to OneDrive cloud cloud storage, in which most of them were deleted. And all this is because all the major updates are for the tenth "Windows" on the test for more than six months before being discharged.

Short to New Year, the update reformers KB4487345 decided to release, and # 39; closing its space into a Windows 10. Security system. However, after installing, a laptop with less than 8 GB of RAM did not just have a & # 39; turned. All of this shows that Microsoft software has fallen dramatically over the last year, and there is a reason for this – the new operating system, named by Lite code, should The tenth "Windows" should be replaced in the coming years.

This OS has a modular structure that allows you to use it on any electronic devices, from computers and TV finishing. Due to Software Content, Microsoft is obviously not interested in the Lite, and Windows 10 operating system, which has never been the best platform for them in history, which is now in existence; paying much less attention, which ultimately fails to end users. So, the tenth "Windows" had just died, and in fact nobody was expecting it.

Previously, it was announced as a "deadline" of the Windows 10 operating system, that is, the day in which the stadium was stopped.

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