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The "Live" exhibition by Andrei Malakhov made false witnesses on death Decl. Izhevsk Posh club staff, where the rapper died, about this Super Project.

Accordingly, a team member, Mikhail Perevoshchikov, who took part in the movement, left the institution long before the singer died. The station's art director, Lana Schenknecht, said that Perevoshchikov had finished the shift and left the club at 23:30, and Decl was a bad feeling around one in the morning.

"In addition, in the morning, apparently, when he saw the news about Decl's death in the news, he asked me in social networks" What happened? "When we asked why he was going to his program, he replied:" Because of freedom of speech, "said Schenknecht.

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12:42 – – 3 February

She named the worker who appeared on the air "a strange man" and said he was burned for his best with his leadership. The artistic director ensures that the relationship with Perevoshchikov is not in the program.

During the birds that passed to Decl, the resident in Izhevsk made sure he had seen the last branches of his musician. Producing for him, Malakhov stated that Perevoshchikov did not tell "the truth of what happened to the star on that final night." The young man said that he was on Decl to run and go. playing, and then he saw how the staff of their club first helped the rapper.

Kirill Tolmatsky, a musician, Decl, died on the night of February 3, 2019, after being played by a private party in Izhevsk. He was 35 years old. After a concert, he went to the room, where he was there; disappeared shortly after a few minutes and died. Doctors suggest that heart disease is the cause of heart disease, but pain changes have not been investigated.

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