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April 13, 2019

Alexander Shcherbakov

have to
you've never had an iPhone, the latest smartphones were on Android – Honor 8, LG
G2, Moto Droid Mini, SonyEricsson Xperia X8. The final mobile was suitable for me
all but battery, who is badly cleaned in two years. It is time
Buy a new phone, because of diversity, I chose the iPhone XR.

During the transition
I was waiting for the new system to work differently and take a long time
getting used to everything, but really not so scary. Something amazing
sent from Honor 8 to iPhone XR, i didn't bring in a strong jump
achievements – open applications at the same speed. If this is not the case
It will be about games only, but I don't need it.

Requirements for
I have a simple simple phone – messages, browser, mail and social networks sometimes
YouTube, music and webcasting. The new smartphones are all high and high
the price section deals with this without problems, but there are a number of things
i don't want to be in iOS after you've compared with Android.

Right away
I clarify that this is a revision of the system, not a smart phone like, because it's a subject
individual conversation. It is also important to note that I do not have a single device.
the Apple eco-system as it is called, so iOS and Android are compared in any way
in the form.


IOS is very good
slow animations – you click on the image, and it starts slowly opening
in the application window. Already, this animation works a lot more than Android.
faster I understand that the animation is hiding the opposite and other characters
parts of the application. But sometimes after opening the window, it will still drag
empty information or display is displayed.

This problem
You can decide by removing the animation in the settings, but another will then reveal another
Difficulty – inconvenient working with gesture. About iPhone X and newer
home phone smartphones bring in with speed from the bottom of the show up. With
performing the performance, the right application window is behind the key, and the user
that it is reduced or that a multi-functional menu is opening. Dismissal
then it is not clear whether the movement was working. And although this is impossible
understand what system works – the "Home" button or menu will be opened t
multi-activity. So you have to get used to slow life.

Still in iOS
I don't like scrolling. In Android, you can manage the speed of the scroll
swipe, and on the iPhone it works about the same speed. If so
You have to roll your keyboard over the screen on a number of occasions
she started to write faster. This must be accepted.

Upload files in background

The iOS program downloads files at full speed only when it's open. Just after setting up the smartphone, I installed the Google Play Music app and put all the music from the playlist to download it, and then I forgot about it. A little after that I opened the claim, and I saw that the music did not sound even, and that there was only 4 GB.

I noted this when I wanted to try the new "The Elder Scrolls": Blades. The app did not upload the play files in the background, I had to open the window and wait to unload everything. Just as the game is, it's therefore, don't spend time.

Why Apple
I have banned the downloading of files in the background, I don't understand – it may be as a result
cost saving or concern about the sustainability of the interface. But why
then talk about Apple's automobile work, if the system is blocked
so simple? The big question.


Overall, the iOS keyboard works well, especially I like to control the cursor if I go down the spacebar. But for some reason, Apple made a tab with emoji as a separate language, and when it is switching between Russia and English you need to scroll through the ear with emoticons. This needs to get used to removing or removing emoji in your keyboard settings.


I have no complaints about the format of the iOS messages, only motions. The postcard can be opened by clicking on and accelerating correctly – that is, the action is double for some reason. In Android, information can be grasped in any way, so the solution in iOS is very unusual, but it's not necessary.

Most people
the unusual sustainability of the advertisement. I am used to that if I am open
Telegram's window can reach the computer and a message, then the phone at that time
silent. With the change to the iPhone, it stopped working for me – even if I was
I read the message, the phone is still starting to turn. In addition, sometimes
calls will arrive in a few seconds or even a minute.

But still
the messages just don't come, and when I open the petition, I can see it
several messages are lost. This has just happened to me
with smartphones on Android. But another problem – sometimes an advertisement.
blind blind. That is, I delete it, but it appears again in time,
and you have to delete it several times until it disappears completely.

App Store

Many of the iOS apps are better, I don't argue with that. But the application system will not work how I would work. The main application for the App App relates to the search – if you make at least one error when you enter the name of the application, it won't find anything or show a completely different object.

I also don't
I understand why I want the user's confirmation of every visit
the app in the app, even free. The store will want to enter
ICloud Password, but it can be replaced by a face scan or fingerprint.
In everyday life, this is not quite unusual, but when I set up my smartphone I had to do that t
a few hours until they were downloaded.


But what has really been done is better on Android than Google Pay. Previously, I could buy a silver card of any store by checking a barcode. In iOS, this is a little more complicated. You can add the card to the application by clicking on the specific link, scanning the QR code and through a special button in the application or on the stored website.

for example
To add the “Ribbons” card, I had to download the resource request from the app. T
Source. But then the store request can be deleted, and the card will remain in the pack.
For an M.Video card, you need to go to the stores website and find the “add” button
Your account in your account.

VKontakte is even a unique group of users
give instructions on how to map maps of different sources in a booklet. As an option
You may use a third party application, for example, "Wallet".

Bonus Bonus

I haven't have enough pictures in the image process when the video can be lowered to a small window on the top of other applications. On Android, this works even on small screens, and on iOS with large iPhones, the XR and XS Max are refusing to type this mode. This is useful for YouTube, but the phone I don't look so frequently and I am really worried about it.


For myself
I did not notice that there was a fundamental difference between iOS and Android. Something has been done better
something is worse, and you have to get used to some things. Maybe "iPhones"
Previously, they worked properly and sustainably, but now that is not true. Phone
sometimes it opens up applications for a long time and freezes

But iOS, like Android, works really well with basic activities – messages, browser, calls, camera, etc, working well. Problems can arise with some rare or more complex applications, but this should be considered separately.

Instead of discussing which system is better, I better suggest the comments that I want that you don't really want to make about your mobile, whether it's Android or iOS. .

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