Why chimpanzees are not scared of HIV virus. Reed

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia investigated where they indicate why chimpanzees do not die when they are infected with the "monkey" virus of the virus immunodeficiency (HIV).

To find out, scientists collected samples of wild seeds.

New data helps us to create a real vaccine against its & # 39; virus. This will not happen sooner, but now we have a full understanding of how a "great grandfather" emerged HIV – authors said the work.

Previous surveys have shown that the source of first HIV layers were in brackets or other priorities that could affect the people of Congo and other countries in West Africa, where HIV to find it first.

But now scientists are confident of this expectation, as it gives more time to convert the virus into cellular activity. In addition, HIV-related HIV disease does not have a detrimental effect on their health, doubt the idea that the virus is </ i>; direct distribution from humans to humans.

In a new study, scientists found out how their "ancestor" can be able to; HIV virus quickly swallows human protection cells and why mice does not die from this disease. For this, blood specimens were analyzed from about 600 wild fragments.

In the first instance, we were interested in the types of monkey immune immunodeficiency virus; affecting a number of these priorities, whether there were any differences between them and how animal protection cells worked with them, – explained the science.

The study showed that the CD4 receptor, which is HIV and SIV, is used to enter the cells of the victims, several strands in chimpanzees. Unlike people, in which there are such rare conversations in the genome, different versions of CD4 were fairly distributed among the population.

Some of the virus versions were consistent with viruses found in wild monkey habitats, others did not insert other viral fragments with cellulose cells and prevented them from taking into the RNA for the victim.

It is also interesting that the differences of CD4 receptor differed with the people, because they are surrounded by special carbohydrate chains that would prevent their virus from being able to disable. connect to this content.

These features are at the same time helping chimpanzees; spread of virus spread throughout the population and its spread; Protect mice from removing the removal system.

As there are no defensive systems such as humans, we are particularly vulnerable to the HIV virus.

Only one strain of SIV was capable of converting some of the cells into the 28 chimpansees of blood laboratories in our laboratory. At the same time, even any behavior in gene CD4 appears to be a significant list of the virus sippeippean that may or may not; They can cause a disease, usually to increase the number, – explained the science.

But it's not always the "magic lines" can do to & # 39; give as long as they commit – chimpanzees as soon as they are; AIDS sufferer, as a victim of HIV, has simultaneous effects of virus vomiting and pigs in CD4.

The review will help the adaptations of CD4's receptor create a vaccine against HIV or a drug that prevents her / her; virus to enter into new cells.

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