Zcash network was found to be an essential risk. The problem is already resolved: RBC.Krypto

Users could create a non-endless number of fake pages, the error was for several years before being set

Zcash Limitations Developers have reported that they are likely, because attractors may create a non-endless number of fake pages. The error was found by Ariel Gabizon, a cryptographer in March 2018, the leaders decided that their project would not be a publish the information and solve the problem by updating the Zcash Sapling protocol, which was implemented at the end of October.

The zk-SNARKS system was in danger, it is used to balance user data and balance. Zcash raised the problem that did not affect privacy, it was a? related to the ability to & # 39; creating a non-pension.

"The problem was completely resolved, Zcash users do not need," said the starters.

After finding a bad word, the blockchain project gave specific steps to reduce its usage, and warned other companies that used the zk-SNARKS protocol, including Horizen and Komodo. Zcash Zuko Zuko Wilcox stressed that the team did not want to spread information about problems so that every capital of maximum caliber is protected.

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