Russian People Artist Zagir Valitov died: Theater: Culture:


The Russian People's Artist and Kortostan Bash Zagir Valitov at the age of 79 died. Reports prepared on Bash.NEWS.

An actress of Bashkir Drama Theater named after Mazhit Gafuri died after a long illness.

Valitov was studying at the performing department at the Ufa School of Arts. After that, he went into the theater department department of the State Eala State.

Since 1964, the artist has been working at the Sibay Drama Theater. Six years later, he became an actor at the Bashkir Academy Drama Theater named after Mazhit Gafuri.

Zagir Valitov played in the concerts "On the night of the moon eclipse", "My red is scarf", "Mo Mharat poor" and others.

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