Russian team inspecting secret hole in Soyuz spacecraft World News


Two Russian lets are preparing for an external campaign outside the International Spanish Station to investigate secretary loss.

It was seen on 30 August in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the station. The team settled quickly and stopped the small hole that created a slight loss of weight. Space officials said the station was still safe to work.

Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Prokopyev will work a six-hour workplace to explore outside Soyuz on Tuesday. They will find out the thermal insulator that covers the copy and take samples that experts learn.

The hole in the International Spey Station.

The hole in the International Spey Station. Picture: Nasa / EPA

Kononenko, who arrived at the station this month with Nasa's astronaut Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Sports Agency, said that the seabed would be a huge effort. "He's going to be challenging personally and technically," he said.

Dmitry Rogozin, chief executive of Roscosmos, the Russian state space organization in September said that the hole could be unfolded alone while working or when it was in orbit . He did not know if he was a & # 39; disturb anyone of the team, but the statement caused a few people.

Rogozin has originally said that he has never been a victim of US warriors for the fish and sent out the media to turn his words.

The Russian official investigation was going on, he said, and some of the station's crew who were planning to return to the Land would This month takes the samples that were taken during space. Roscosmos would consider the search results by Nasa and other sports station partners, Rogozin said.

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