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(Wang Shufen, Taipei, 21st). The four tour groups that include Russian tourism companies have come to Taiwan to go to; circulated around the island recently. Tonight, when the President of Taipei Taipei Zhang Xueyu hosted the 4th group to go on the line, some rescue room users used to compare Taiwan. It will smell like bread, and then go to it; affecting the beautiful peatalan.

Zhang Xueyu is an important promoter in the Russian tourism industry to stop the line. Taipei 101 building is also one of the tariffs that can be viewed on the tramway agency.

The 4th line is a Russian-wide degree, with a total of 13 people. It is the longest time; to come to Taiwan. The two-week stay. It is expected that Taiwan will leave on 25th.

Last night at the party party, the line members went to; Talk about how they felt they were; Going to Taiwan for 10 days. One housing-based business would be to describe Taiwan. To the sail like a penalty; After a week across the island, it is so unhappy that that time is too fast, there are not many things that are pretty nice, sport is not yet enjoyable.

Another activist said he has been watching the taiwanese people he has seen. He's been in & # 39; look at the taiwanese people he saw. What makes it interesting that it is also in Asian, and Taiwanese is not like Chinese. Like the Japanese, Taiwanese people always look calm, calm and approachable.

Members of the tramp group reported that they gave around 3,000 images in 10 days, and have attracted more than 1 million trails on the Russian tourism community website.

Taiwan's fruit reminds many people of her & her; trample group, in particular Sakyamuni is the first time many people have fallen in love, and some people can ask if they can buy a lot back to Russia.

Chinese company with Chinese name Ding Li. He said he wanted to come to Taiwan 20 years ago because his paper was a link between Taiwan and China. Today, his brother has been realized. He & # 39; think Taiwan is more interesting and friendly.

A Russian professional photographer in the group said that he was specially a & # 39; influencing it when it was burned to & # 39; Pacific in the east as the sea in Taiwan is warm.

A number of staff have suggested the roads in Taiwan. Whether urban or rural, it is a smooth road, as well as security, and it's very safe to get out at night. It is a great benefit to tourism development.

One business activist said he had previously introduced the film to Taiwan's choice, but it was a feeling that there was nothing. But after coming to Taiwan, everything was more than imagination. In particular, the Taiwanese people were also hostile to strangers, which caused people to be able to; feeling very comfortable.

In view of a tramp group, Taiwan is very rich, you can see the Chinese culture features, you can also see the colors of Japan and the United States. (Editor: Chen Qingfang) 1071121

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