Russia's youngsters lose Canada's way higher than medals


VANCOUVER – OK, Canada. Mackintosh forgotten.

We still celebrate the different years of the # 72 Summit Series as it was our revival, and you can not drag a cat today without having a # 39 ; see a re-award on Jordan Eberle's target since 2010. But no matter how lively the game is – and Canada-Russia's New Year's Eve 2018, indeed, It's a crocodile – it can not be a classic when the bad people win.

Is it the best team? Probably, although the 31-31 targets, the score is & # 39; Almost even a cost, with the final score 2-1 for Russia.

Have a good bounce in the phants to & # 39; help Canada, because he'll be going to the deadline of Wednesday's death suddenly that got a little bit harder? Well, whatever you killed …

"We must believe," said Canadian captain Maxime Comtois. "It's not just a bad thing. We're not out of the competition. We have the opportunity to play in the areas, battle for a base. We have to stay well."

The Canadian prize was to enter the competition as the gold medals; Initial protection on the menu, and # 39; including the intense to play Denmark, then Switzerland, and the Czech before they saw Russia. But in the fourth game here, the Canadians met a team that was so bigger (or bigger) than they are, as soon as they are, and certainly as skilful.

And in the meantime, the Russian Pyotr Kochetkov player was superb and great as well as Mike DiPietro in Canada's goal. Kochetkov is the one who has just given two goals to 91 shots when the Russians met all our young stars in the Canada-Russia CIBC Series and this winter. Much of that team is here in Vancouver.

Kochetkov made the night-saving on Comtois, which was very difficult to give one-time trip to Kochetkov's stopping. Instead of Canada having a 2-1 guide on its & # 39; played that, Pavel Shen, who danced through the Canadians on a 100-foot run, dragging one behind DiPietro for a game winner, with nine minutes to play.

"It was a good advantage in a hard game," said Shen. "But it was just a pre-start."

"We played with a feeling," said Vitali Kravtsov, who had a line with Grigori Denisenko and Klim Kostin, for much of this game, too much to handle Canada. "We knew winning that I would win their company. Complete its year with beauty, and start the next one with strength.

"We played for our country."

We will win Canadian as often at this stage, and entertaining two of the three world youths, this competition is becoming a national asset. Are we unhappy? Courage?

Would it be Canada's use if we do not win gold so often? we can?

So should we be fighting for Canada to 3-1 at the level of the organization? Will they see Finland now in the quarterly quarter of Wednesday instead of Slovakia, who will play Russia?

"No," said Owen Tippett, who had a single timer opportunity to dispense over the " his stick in the deceased seconds. "Every team that has a bad impact on these competitions. We're just happy that it came when it did – or at the time of its pregnancy."

"We're not overwhelmed. It's a free lesson," he stressed the co-leader of Tim Hunter. "We learned the same lesson last year when we lost the SA in the game at the outer game (at Buffalo). We should have played on that game winning us, but we tried to attack us. But we'll learn a lesson from it. That's what we will do tonight – and tomorrow. "

This one had everything, including a ton of chippy play and hard effects, misunderstanding – from both sides. Comtois gave a bit of diving in Level 1, and then the second fall, a drama in the twenty minutes, appeared to have included Alex Burrows here at the home of Vancouver Canucks.

So, during the first time, Klim Kostin's captain was on a Russian TV and said (with the legal permission of the Latvian Reporter Aivis Kalnins):

"In his previous life (Comtois) he worked at a circus. Did not you know that? He may have looked at the World Cup in the world of his pocket. Neymar maybe his best friend . "

Hey, we do not like the Russians. Why would we expect them to enjoy it?

Now, the same way they can see each other again if they meet in a Saturday match match – & # 39; possibly the late game. For every marble.

"It was a great advantage against Canada, for psychology," said Denisenko. "We are confident for the next round."

So Canada is. No, that's what they are telling themselves today.

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