Rūta Ščiogolevaitė finally appeared as she gave her fourth child born 8 months ago Ainmean


Rūta Ščiogolevaitė has recently visited, not seen in the public, on the LRT Beatos Kitchen. Here she told her how she was; making four children and how she changed her mother.

Speaking to Beata Nicolson, the last singer, born on June 17 last year, appeared. At the 11th of October, the 4th Annabel and the 3rd of Aron entered the small Agnar.

Apparently, his / her mythology did not appear to be & # 39; Gathering children's names from the letter A with the Roland family immediately. His first son, Adam and Anabel, received their names; Start with the same random letter. But Ruta and Roland, who gave awareness of this covenant, decided to extend this beautiful tradition.

"Because I'm in the Slavic root, I wanted a heroic name and my sweetheart. And my man is very disinfective – he wanted to be a Lithuanian name. So I thought I need a name that does not follow Roland. My wish was to call Anna's daughter, and I hid under the sound of the French name – Anabele. Two years later I told this plan , and acknowledged he was not even aware of, "Rūta Ščiogolevaitė was stole at Beatos kitchens.

The names of the other boys are already grouped by the family, including a special sound of Liturgy.

"I had a great deal on Aron because he has a Lithuanian roots, a bird is singing but it is also an international feeling. And Agnar took me, because & # 39, and his name is Lithuanian – similar to Agne, this sound is not very important to other countries. Although, indeed, I wanted to call Antanas the child's fourth brother, but the man says: These names are so special, now not Antanas, There are not any sounds … That's what I created, "she said.

When I tell your name Roland & # 39; fourth child, he says: I'm not scared!

In fact, the family first agreed that Roland would be the name for the last child, the fourth child. However, this work was not very successful in handling it, so the difference of Rūta was lost.

"When I was waiting for the seventh month, I said suddenly: eureka! I took the most beautiful name on the ground. When Roland told him, He says: I'm not frightened. I took a smile and said I would think of myself, and if I had one choice, I would. This came to an end in the registration office, it was essential Write the name. I stayed in the car, the person arrives and shows that it was recorded in the name Agnar. I say : That's the most terrible name for you! And he says, "I'm accustomed to it," said R. Ščiogolevaitė in the LRT broadcast.

Illustrated by Karolina Funkienė / Rūta Ščiogolevaitė

Illustrated by Karolina Funkienė / Rūta Ščiogolevaitė

15 minutes to remember that R. Ščiogolevaitė and R.Damijonaitis were married June 2013 in the Kaunas Town Hall. August 2014 the two daughters of Anabel were born.

In September 2015, they had a son, Aron. Chief of Adam – son of Rūta and Dancer Deividas Meškauskas.

"I always wanted more children. When I grew up alone, this personal experience was not very good for me, and my brothers and sisters were missing. It's really fun that I have more children, although I do not hide it's a person's campaign in a fourth place, "he asked. 15 minutes R.Schiogolevaite said previously.

However, Ruth does not hide that he is not a mother of four easily.

"Children are both the greatest assets and the responsibility, and the big problem. I never liked to talk to children about phrases, saying that This is my biggest life resource. I do not think it's a nice word to be a mother, it's very tough, but also a few minutes to solve all problems, "said the player.

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