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In a note to their staff dated 18 January, Ryanair will provide information related to a performance warning they gave on the same day.

HR director Eddie Wilson writes that the jobs are significantly reduced with lower ticket prices, higher oil prices and higher salary costs due to hard dialogue with pilots and cabin crew.

This is the same week. Norway designated costs to tie, and that meant that several centers and closures were closed. In the note from Ryanair, he also says that the Dutch will pay a payroll.

– These sad times are in the European air industry. This week, Norway stated that six stores were closed, cut in the Dublin fleet from six to one plane and a 7 per cent cut, the note said.

However, there is no public information that Norwegian, as well as to be scattered down to & # 39; grid, cut salaries too.

English: – Not to be right

The E24 took over the appeal from the Ryanair summit, so he sent to Norway to hear if there were any plans for salary cuts.

– This is not correct, the communications director of writing Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen is emailed to E24.

– We are involved in communication with staff representatives on how we will meet the company's aims to reduce costs by at least NOK 2 billion in 2019. A number of steps are progressing as- However, there are several steps on the way and they are discussed internally, saying Sandaker -Nielsen.

A Norwegian-owned pilot also says to E24 that such information is not available within the company.

The E24 attempts to get a response from Ryanair on why they seem to give their staff information about the Norwegian state, but they do not company has answered the questions.

This is far from the first time that Ryanair and the CEO of Michael O Leary came out against Norway. Over the years, Oary Leary has sometimes been convicted of the company to the north and down, think they are after a break, have not been worthy of this so far.

"I think Norway has lost a hundred million dollars (magazines) for the summer, and I've been convinced that Norway will not survive," said Ryanair, head of Michael O & # 39; Leary last week when his company left the seasonal figures.

– It's almost a bit sweet for reading as busy as Ryanair is with Norwegian. They use about every opportunity they can talk about, so it needs to be & # 39; They mean they are our hard-looking enterprise and we are That's a recommendation, "said Sandaker-Nielsen in Norway.

It needs to be hailed by employers

The note is in the hands of E24 in connection with the case that Ryanair will now be able to; including the Norwegian pilot, after notifying the cost cuts.

In the note, however, it appears that Ryanair should properly review its cost, and for example, look at the routes and sources that are not sufficiently profitable.

At the same time, they will consider cost savings measures such as helping temporary contracts, seasonal establishments, reconfigure agreements with airports and even a & # 39; and lower their fleet over the next two years.

– This will add a truck on the pencil recruitment and cabin crew, and increase, and Eddie Wilson's writing in the note.

Despite this, its company has been good on its & # 39; ball after Norir told his cuts, and urged Norwegian pilots to enter for work with them.

The manager wrote Mark Duffy on LinkedIn that they should get a crisis recovery process from February for the Norwegian pilots.

He lost $ 190 million in the fourth quarter

On Monday morning, Ryanair presented a performance report for the season ending in late December.

There, they probably lost 19.6 million euros, according to DKK 189.33 million in their third financial quarter. This falls from a profit of 105.6 million euros in the corresponding time last year.

The company says that the reason is for a & # 39; falling in profits related to discounted prices of 6 per cent tickets to less than 30 euros in the last three months of 2018.

"Although a loss of 20 million in the third quarter is ready, we accept that this is only because air fares lower than expected, passengers' passengers Renewable Ryanair's chief executive, Micael O'Leary, said in a statement.

The loss of web of almost EUR 20 million includes loss of loss of the company at EUR 46.5 million. This loss is related to the acquisition of 25 per cent of Laudamotion.

The company received an income of EUR 1.53 billion in the third quarter, up from EUR 1.41 billion in the same season last year.

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