Ryanair: Michael O & Lease could earn 98.8 million barley …


Ryanair: Michael O & Lease could earn 98.8 million barley …

General Director of Scotland RyanAir, Michael O Leary, win EUR 98.8 million if it is managed Doubled either share or price of the company in the next five years, based on the selection plan of low cost stock in Ireland.

" Plan terms will be & # 39; means that Michael O'Leary doubled Ryanair's profit to two billion euros per year and / or price to 21 euros per department over the next five years to benefit from all of these options"Friday Ryanair said in a statement.

Under this new option, Michael O'Leary will be able to purchase 10 million shares at the current price of 11.12 euros if he gives an annual benefit to her; grouping to two billion euros, against a 1.0 billion repayment to 1.1 billion for the current financial year, or if the department's price rises to 21 knowledge. If your share price is & # 39; reaching 21 euros, Michael O'Leary will make profits of 9.88 euros on each of the 10 million shares, it will be eligible for 98.8 million in total.

So far, Michael O'Leary has won " about one million euros Every year and according to Ryanair, he deserves an annual bonus of up to 100% of his salary, according to performance.


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