Ryanair will spread Warsaw-Szczecin trails. It does not fly from Chopin Airport more


On Thursday, Ryanair will recommend a & # 39; The launch of the Szczecin-Krakw connection, which commences in April 2019 and will be made three times a week.

We are very happy about introducing a new route from Szczecin to Krakow. The call will be launched in April and will place other countryside routes from Szczecin to Warsaw. This is the fourth route of Ryanair from Szczecin near Dublin, Liverpool and London Stansted

– says Olga Pawlonka, Ryanair's Sales and Marketing Director in the Middle and Eastern European countries.

As you can see, an Irish bearer, at the same time as the West Pomerania connection from the ancient Polish cities, will connect the current capital to the present city.

Trademarked by TVN24, Ryanair will be out of Chopin Airport as a result of costs.

Due to high costs at Warsaw Chopin Airport, the route from Szczecin to Warsaw will be suspended from 7 January 2019.

– Ryanair says.

At the same time, the carrier will ensure that he is sent to passengers who have been sent away and provide information about their options – that is, to return expenses or change the place.

In 2019, Ryanair will only have three connections in Poland: Szczecin – Krakw, Wrocaw – Gdask and Gdask – Krakw. A carrier from Ireland is the biggest airport that enjoys the & # 39; Poland – according to the Civil Aviation Office data, in the second quarter of 2018, Ryanair will over 3 million passengers from Poland (and to Poland), in the second place of LOT from 2.67 million passengers , and the third Wizz Air with 2.29 million passengers.

It may be a mistake that issues such as the implementation of an aerodrome action from which an aerodrome should require an agreement on both sides. But it appears, in & # 39; In this case, Chopin Airport has been to retrieve Ryanair from the leases from the Warsaw airport to be the last.

Airplane Chopin has not received an official confirmation of disrupting the normal route to Szczecin from the carrier

– forward Next.gazeta.pl. Press Office on Chopin Airport.

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