Ryanair's chance to win € 100 million Leary bonus


Ryanair's senior executive, Michael O. Leary, receives a bonus of up to € 100m if he hits performance targets.

Publishes a company based on the UK list and options for 10m shares to Mr O'Leary at a € 11.12 strike price, which can be purchased if the company profits € 2bn and / or his / her price to € 21 over the next five years.

The € 10m difference between € 10m each and the same € 11.12, their closing price on Friday, € 99m.

If Mr O & Leary's profit increase but the department's price is not available; hitting € 21, its smallest smallest.

Alan MacDougall, managing director of Pirc, who works with the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, holds about 1 per cent of Ryanair stock: "I thought it would be a bit of sheep to comply The current state of the company is the Post Office But I do not think to pay a lot to him – it's more likely to be power. "

Ryanair's 11 non-executive leaders have received preferences of 50,000 shares each one under the same terms, They can be as big as € 500,000.

Ryanair, who missed the third quarter of € 22m on Monday, reinforced his warning that there would be a full year profit in the range of € 1.0bn- € 1.1bn.

The range had been € 1.25bn- € 1.35bn before two profits were lost in the last four months, but Mr O'Leary said that ticket prices fell, as well as the cost of staffing strikes, work and high oil prices, to be injured by the air.

Royal Asset Management, a major Ryanair stakeholder, says that he does not believe that his salary committee is "completely independent", as he says. including an old director, "who opposes the best practices".

On the day of the results, Mr. O. Leary said he would stay at the top of Ryanair for another five years, but that he would be a chief executive of the company as his & # 39; company is restructured on its structure.

The airline said it would move next year "to a group structure that is not similar to IAG", owner of British Airways and Iberia, with a small senior management team over Ryanair, Laudamotion, based in Austria, Ryanair Sun, in Poland, and Ryanair in the UK.

Mr O & # 39; Leary is Ryanair Holdings' senior executive at least 2024 and Ryanair's own airline firm will start up later this year.

In his new post, Mr O & Leary is still responsible for some of the most important decisions that affect Ryanair, and his / her. including joint union and construction opportunities, cost reduction and & get planes.

Ryanair can not be reached to comment.

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