S SFR fiber REDHAICH + more options and debt calls at € 20 instead of € 30 (lifetime without commitment)


The prestigious team again has gone into good plans with fear. She came back with an interesting promo: Fiber SFR RED with Debit Plus options and endless mobile calls € 20 per month instead of € 30. All this for life and no commitment!

Two options available until December 3

You will need to take advantage of December 3, 2018 offer RED Box at € 20 / month with two options offered, which means that you receive € 10 of savings per month. Acknowledging that a & # 39; price for life and commitment, you will benefit quickly!

The options are:

  • Great Stream : Get up to 1 GB / s and down to 200 Mb / s. Without this option, the data levels are at 200 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s.
  • Unlimited movements on mobile phones : usually displayed at € 5 / month, this option will speak for himself and his / her; allows you to call free mobile phone numbers in France

Each of these changes will come free for any subscription to offer a RED Box to 3/12/2018, instead of € 5 each. Then you can add other parameters to your SFR Fiber and THD package.

RED Boxer mini details

The RED Box is one of the cheapest on the market for anyone who is in the marketplace. Looking at optics fiber. want € 20 / month, you will receive a speed of up to 1 GB / s – with the Flow Plus option – and benefit from unfinished roots to landfill in France and 100 destinations abroad.

The TV decoder is optional, from € 2 / month for 35 channels and up to € 4 / month for 100 channels. The 4K / UHD compatible box allows live TV reset, reset or rewritten. A built-in DTT tuner and a 500GB hard drive for recordings.

Be aware that if your home is not eligible for fiber optics, you can manage yourself € 15 / month ADSL or VDSL. The levels now reach 25 and 70 Mb / s download and 15 Mb / s Uploading.

The final place can be converted to SFR RED: the ISP Repayment of up to € 100 Delete tax if you move from another operator.

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