Saad Bakir News: The victory of the European League is a strong inspiration for us


MADRID (Reuters) – Tunisia's Esperance Park, Saad Boukir, says that the team's glory in the European League is the best interest in Cupa World FIFA Club 2018 in December. Esperance was suitable for the FIFA World Cup in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the UAE on 12 and 22 December, following the title of the Welsh League costing Al Ahly. He lost Esperance 3-1 and won 3-0 in the final. 4-3 Saad Baqir played a part in the return game that was held in Paris on the ninth day of November, where he sent out his & her; first and second of the Tigray. "Thanks to the efforts of the players as a whole and the support of our great global audiences," he said in comments published on Tuesday in a statement to the World Cup Organizing Committee. He also said that there is a success in the African American League waiting for the success of the UAE World Cup Cup. "It's a crucial milestone for us because it's the gate in the war," he said. "Esperance's success in the FIFA World Cup World Cup is closely related to the presence of the Tunnel fans," he said. "The presence we are facing is great and helps us to win our strength."

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