Saad's listeners simply threaten Hind Sabri – Kuwaiti's daily newspaper


His actress tunisia Hend Sabri, a video clip on his Twitter account in a conference on harassment within the Carthage Film Festival, in which she said that she and her girls threatened and their crime. The second one in France for rape, and he did not get protection from the star of the art center. Sabri said she had been trying to save Saad just for her & # 39; the first time that a complaint was made urgently, but the second time he sent her to calm her and calmly set out her idea of ​​her; his case.
Following the official conviction of the Moroccan artist, the disaster of social activists was introduced, especially when the procurator's office named in a Dragginian town that was just an emergency woman alleged that "offenders" were arrested due to an emergency just in France.
"One of the people who managed their first complaint, but the remainder was to suspect," she said. "This young man has been proud of himself and his listeners and is not worthy of being a star or a model for anyone." On the other hand, the Tunisian artist sent her pleasure to take part in the second part of the film "The Blue Elephant", in front of the Egyptian artists Karim Abdelaziz and Nelly Karim, and sent the pictures on Twitter's Twitter page with the film team: "Very pleased To participate in the second part of the Blue Elephant, let's wait for the summer of 2019, who will wait for the Blue Elephant?" The second part of the movie wants to add new characters to the events that were not in the first part, by removing the characters that appeared in the " The first part, as the character given by the artist Khaled Al-Sawy, in particular was an excuse for participating in the film, written by Ahmed Murad, Deputy – –

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