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– We apologize to anyone affected by this case, saying Gard Steiro is the editor of VG.

He was in an interview with TV 2 that the woman (27) talked about a video Trond Giske Bar Vulkan criticized the publication of VG and the article discussed.

The woman says in the big article that she has always said that Giske's video situation was difficult for her, and that she had been named against her own free will and made it known in a VG case.

On 27 February, the VG regretted that he didn't take a proper picture of the event at the bar.

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The woman in the video Giske in a TV interview 2: – The whole thing was just vain

To TV 2, the woman says that the phrase "it a little bit", which was given in the first VG article is just wrong, and didn't ask for this extract of the phrase to be entered. to delete the entire sentence.

On Thursday night, readers of Steiro VG give their reaction to the newspaper coverage and handle the article in VGTV interview:

– Recently, VG has been subject to criticism. What did you find out about this mistake made?

We sit and try to get through. What we do know is that this one is worthy of apology. We already understand that a serious mistake has happened. I am very sorry about that. We have regretted the situation earlier, and there is a reason to do so again. What went wrong, we still have no response.

– Can you say something about why it is so long to end in this case?

No, it's a mistake. When such a bad error comes in, we have to go through it. He has taken time. Many have been involved, and we try to picture what has happened. I understand that many people think it takes a long time, but for us, it's important to do it in detail.

– We have been told that the journalist who has been working with this issue is no longer working with cases in VG. What is it?

He wants it to now be part of this review. That's the most important thing he can do now. It is a very difficult situation for him. At present it almost states that it is very difficult to run regular journalism. As far as we do, it needs to take account of the work after this.

– The reporter has been asked to consider this case also. Why isn't it?

It does this by consulting us. We are in a situation where we need to find out just what has happened. This is a mistake made by VG, and I am the one who made the decision to declare this case, and I am the one who apologizes on behalf of the paper.

– When this item was published; what level did you know?

I was involved in the work and I was involved in discussions with people who were involved on the way, so I knew the matter. It is important to note that when this case was published, it was my opinion that it was correct and that he made the woman look. It was then a surprise when NRK again published an issue with other phrases and another presentation. Then it rose gradually after we made a mistake. It took days, and then we had to complain. He was right.

– Are you also having trouble handling VG with this Trond Giske?

Yes, we apologize for anybody who affected this issue. There is a woman here who has gone in a situation that he shouldn't be, the situation has hit Giske, and I complain to our readers. These are the things that should not happen. It is unusual for such errors to happen, and it is not so good that we should be in VG. They were put to all the people involved.

ADMINISTRATION IS ON THE CASE: A senior editor of VG Gard Steiro complains that everyone involved is making a complaint. Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes

Are there any reasons why readers read other articles in VG accuracy?

– No, usually, but I think that we understand when we make such a mistake, that it affects our credibility. We have to criticize the fact that there is a debate. Regeneration is about the journalism we are about to create in the future. This is a big mistake, which we take seriously and that does not happen very often, fortunately. In VG or other media.

How should VG encourage confidence in people out there?

The first thing we complained about was. The next step is to understand what has gone wrong and to be clear about our mistakes. The next step is to restore confidence by creating journalism and not repeating mistakes like this.

– What steps do you take in the next few days?

We are now sitting and examining all aspects of this issue. It takes time. We'll also try to answer the questions we get from other media. We will continue to do this next day.

– Do you want to say anything to our readers, audiences and audiences?

I'm very sorry. It is a very bad thing. It's a big thing. I am sorry, and I understand that our work on VG staff has a big impact. We are proud to be working here, we find out that we are doing an important job and when we make mistakes, it goes in to us.

Adjust the article

Thursday, the female phrase was removed from the original and the following post:

NB! After publishing this case, the woman recorded is recorded TV 2 she had not felt very carefully from VG. She says that Vulkan's situation was not always difficult for her, and that she did not want the video to be distributed or given to him. VG has complained to her wife, and the script has changed so that she doesn't have the phrase now. This change was made on 21 March 2019.

On Thursday, Steiro also says that Trond Giske, who lost Labor in the Labor Party after a brake on the dance video article, is sad.

Read the repentance here!

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