"Sad sorrow" wedding bulls that bring their masters and neighbors into the hospital


(Dan Viet) The pit will escape from the cage and its; going to the house and neighbor, causing them both to be in hospital.

for a bull flower

Many people close to the area have been singing around and going to her; catching the bullock after biting. Picture of Nguyen Long.

The event was held 10m on November 18, at a home in Cho, township of Ba Lang, Tien Dung commune, Thuong Tin district, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi.

The president of the Tien Dung told police that a female (owner) was opened almost 30 years old in stone As the iron cage to bring food to the pit. At this time, the dog collapsed suddenly to bite the woman.

By seeing an owner who & # 39; dogs, a woman near whom P. (aged 30 years old) can be spared to help with a # 39; take a bat with his dog so he does not bite. However, the bull extinguished a cage out of his cage and was taken; bite at a woman called P.

By finding that many people were close to the area, stopping each other the stick out and hit the dog's dog's dog after that.

"The dog brought into the shoulders, the hands of the two women. After the incident, two women were injured to the hospital's emergency, cure," Tien Dung's police chief gives information.

Accordingly, the pit will spoil people with about 30 kilograms, which the owner bought for months now. On the 18/11 morning, the man returned home, his wife at home. When a woman gives dog food, things happen.

It's a breed of a dog breed in Pit Bull who's a came from America, built in the United Kingdom and built as a home house and also used in a dog cover. It is a wild, aggressive, hard dog called "Cold Blooded Assassin", known as "dog warrior" or "gladiator".

In Vietnam, many will buy a bull pit to keep the house. However, there have also been many cases of dog dog dog who bite their hospitality, their neighbors.

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