Safer opioids would have to stop excessive discharge, saying that Canada's largest doctor


The need to increase access to better provision of opioids is actively reviewed by departments and departments, Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, said Wednesday when Health & 39; Public data; showed that opioid drugs were factories in more than 2,000 deaths in the & # 39; first half of the year.

Provenance of poisonous drugs is a major part of the Canadian opioid problem, Tam said that she hopes Canada will be able to understand how bad it is; the problem is.

"Over Canada, not everyone on the same page," said Tam. "I think it's a positive, emotional response in my case. In order to implement many of these measures, you must have a society on the side."

Canada needs a working method that can be used. Count for factors that include stigma, trauma and discrimination related to drug use, she said.

Figures released on Wednesday show that 94 per cent of the deaths of 2018 were classified as "accident poisoning" and almost 72 per cent of unhealthy deaths were inadequate; including very severe fentanyl and related products to fantanyl.

Fentanyl, opioid is considered to be very powerful and tough, up to 100 times stronger than morphine and is usually mixed with opioids on the street, means that users are not aware of the potential of the drugs they produce.

Fentanyl user in Calgary uses tin holes to cause dangerous opioid smoking. (Elizabeth Withey / CBC)

By creating safer opioid provision it is necessary to investigate what medicines do; people need, Tam said.

"It's something that is actively explored and debated … with departments and countries right now," she said.

Taming on illegal drug supply is very sad, Tam added.

"It's been marketed," she said.

Public health experts have been in a position; fight for the federal government to consider providing safer supply of opioids – medication level drugs with known resources and abilities.

Donald MacPherson, active director of the Canadian Rural Drugs Policy Coalition has moved to "discomfort" to ensure that people do not have to go to an "illegal market".

Opioid-related hospital

Figures published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information on Wednesday also show a 27% increase in hospital due to "opioid-related poisoning" over the last five years.

The institution said 2017 hospital levels were 2.5 times higher in smaller communities, with numbers between 50,000 and 100,000, compared to the larger cities of Canada.

Canadian reports appear as US government officials report that a greater proportion of prehistoric deaths in that country is caused by methamphetamine.

The number of poor deaths involving more than three times between 2011 and 2016, reporting the US Sites. for Controlling and Severe Disease Wednesday. The percentage of cross-sectional deaths increased by a meth from 5 per cent to about 11 per cent.

Meth was not the main slaughter among illegal drugs in the US Fentanyl who were involved in the highest percentage of serious bad downturn in 2016, followed by heroin and cocaine. Meth was the fourth.

But it was only eight as just as 2012.

It is not clear why middle pre-doses are growing, but some people who have been experiencing a "# 39; piping pipers or heroin pushes to burn rapidly, to stimulate the lower effects of these drugs, Theodore Cicero, a researcher of the University of Washington who has examined the increase of failure to use among people who have a opioid drug use.

The CDC report on death certificates showed about 64,000 deaths in a pre-introduction in 2016 and compared to the previous five years. Many of the people who died had used a number of drugs – often there were fentanyl in the mix.

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