Sagittarius – Tuesday 1 January 2019: your mind is surrendered at the beginning of the year


Astrologic News: a moon in Scorpio in the beginning of 2019, where the numerical numerals are three years. Every planet is straightforward except for Uranus who is back-to-back. Aries is an important compromise of Mars. Your regulator, the Jupiter planets, & # 39; follow in Sagittarius just.

On this Tuesday, under the effluvium of the Mars movement with the fire element at the beginning of the year, you will find something amazing in your friend who will give you great joy and encouragement in the & your life as well as getting news from someone absent.

You will be amazed at how you thought your friend is reviving an uncertain idea of ​​your. If so, make sure, fight and just learn the lesson and be wise not to do the same mistake twice. Keep your diplomacy, your social connection.

Understanding January 2019 for all signals



You'll start a while in & # 39; your emotional life because you're getting some confidence in a small degree that you have lost yourself in a person who has been your attraction then, but who is now in secret regret. It's a new year, a time of renewal, to live hard!

As a result of the current treatment route, your bricks are extremely fragile and you must take the necessary provisions to prevent problems with changes in temperature or sustainability in places where there are wise materials.

A meeting or meeting with a consultant or person connected to your work will be a good result because it will suddenly unlock doors and tracks to bring the merchandise in your work forward and give you new ideas.

Our friendly angels in 2019



Money and fortune
Your job capacity is high and your corporate struggle too. You can successfully complete and implement any action that will be completed and implemented. You will find the best of money with money and change in your economic situation.

Astral biorhythm today
This nature's energy energy level: measurara.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take into account: the passionate wave that helps you in those times.
Hazardous motion today Tuesday in your Sagittarius sign: believe everything that tells you to verify the truth of truths.
What should I avoid ?: Completing a relationship with a & # 39; surrender.

A couple cleared for Tuesday today
The best relationship today: Tuesday this will be a great deal for you if your partner is the fireworks like you. Capricorn may have a good compatibility, even though it is from land.
Initially the relationship: water signs like Pisces and Cancer may appear.
Compatibility: it is generally good, but with some obstacles in water element signs.
If you're single or single: you'll start the year with an amazing beauty that will help you to make a difference between the atmosphere of friendship and another.


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