Sailing base for fishermen who was rescued on the sea – Nhan Dan newspaper


On behalf of the President of State, Mr Nguyen Tang Binh, Former Chairman of the Quang Ngai Committee, gave the sheep to Tran Thanh Ron, a crew crew QNg-98465. This is an award, which recognizes the funeral activity of young fishermen, Tran Thanh Ron.

Former Chairman of the Quang Ngai People Committee Nguyen Tang Binh also gave fishermen flowers, Tran Quan, skipper of a QNg-98465 TS fishing boat, brought the fishermen into trouble.

The young fisherman, Tran Thanh Ron was born in 1993 in Pho Chau commune, the Duc Pho district, the Quang Ngai division. On December 16, 2017, while fishing in Hoang Sa – Viet Nam Sea, Typhoon BĐ-95681 TS of Tran Duc fishermen in the Hoai Nhon area, Binh Dinh's continental continental drummer hit. , located 280 miles from the mainland. Four fishermen aboard the signs of serious signs and board them on a basketball in the middle of the sea.

Tran Thanh Ron rescues BС-95681 fishermen between the waves.

Receiving the request for a ferry, a QNg-98465 fishing vessel TS Tranquan's fisherman is a captain with his brother Tran Thanh Ron and has three fishermen. coming to the ship, fishermen rescues. The two fishermen did not know how they were going to swim, the waves were retained, with Ron a & # 39; carrying ropes into the rescue. After a time to deal with the waves, two fishermen rescued the fish safely. Ron and the team will have to go to the boat; continually investigating, rescuing the remaining two fishermen.

After all the fishermen were saved safely, Tran Thanh Ron was harassed by the waves, and the people drove the line down the line in time to store and pull Tran Thanh Ron on the train. After saving four Binh Dinh fishermen, the QNg-98465 TS vessel was not out of storms and moisturized five days later to return to the mainland.

The Tran Thanh Ron young fisherman rescue route and a QNg-98465 TS fishing vessel are recorded by fishermen and beautiful images often inspire the spirit of fishermen; surrender to the sea. Ron's love is similar to many young people to continue.

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