Saime will evaluate extensions and passport efficiency In Work Schedule


Picture: Statement

Picture: Statement Alex J. García R. @alexonjgarcia

An Administrative, Migration and Immigration Service (Saime) has been evaluating its & # 39; ability Extend the format of your passport from five to 10 years, as the extension, that's It would rise from two to five years, so marked Gustavo Vizcaíno, director of the institution.

In an interview offered to him VTV, An acknowledgment representative's representative said that this amount was taken due to the reviews they have been on; do, like that they "aim to complete their passport for ten years and expand them to five".

He said this process was he is advanced and little information is missing. "This has already been monitored, almost finished, just requires a counting point agreement" so that this measure can take effect, without identifying a related date.

He also stated that the amount of validity was for ten years for passport provided when this new regulation is approved, on the other hand, the people who already have this certificate they will only offer an extension extension benefit from two to five years.

"A new passport, with a term of ten years limit, will come once and the new rule is coming." The passported person is already governed by the same interim provision, will be operational and will have a five year extension. to reach 10, "said Vizcaino.

Saime's director said that the extension option is used by resolution "add to the life of their passport", because there are times when users use this document and when they come out they want a new booklet, which is why it was extremely useful to keep this option in place .


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