Saiyajines Sport The true story of the team told by his creator, football fan and Member of driving


It was 2012 and at 21 years old, Yino Soto Almanza he was a manga fan Member Ball, And at the same time, football fan, to some extent creating a community team there at that time Ayaviri, region Puno, at nearly four miles above sea level. Seven years later, he maintained the same views, although he is more likely than ever: his team is wearing nice clothes, "The Blue Devils & # 39. ; who show respect for those things, those legendary warriors of the famous anthem.

Of course, Yino He is a hero; it always went to front to protect its goals and options. On your Facebook account showcasing his photographs with clothes that have the purpose of Goku's famous character or publications which describe his favorite animated series. He did not stay with the demand for his sport and it was because he created his team to take part in the Summer Olympics competition which is held every year in the # 39; La Bombonera. Ayaviri.

"It is a free football tournament (in which there are only eight players from all sides involved). But last year we were in a third year. played and only two remain, and we are almost sorted as a league, usually a motorcycle or a bull, "he said. t RPP News.

The shirt

But the decision was the solution to the change in uniform. Yino, absent and the owner, along with his father, a small factory where sports shirts, games, amongst other clothes, are made, t It was designed to design a model of shirts similar to armor., with a gold plate on the abdomen and a sort of white and shoulder plates of the same color. The hare, the socks and the rest of the blue are polo.

Last week the dress was released on the ground where there are twelve football fans. “Since I have my clothes, I created the design myself and myself. I did everything I am keen on Member Ball and that's why there are even team divers like the uniform Goku"He also said.

It was so detailed that the green proprietor's shirt was designed to respect a character Piccolo. And the colors at it contain the identity that identifies it Goku. "When we first started on the shirts it was cool so people took pictures of the players, so our players were in a strong way. We took the time," he said.

Yino He gave the 48 T-shirts he made to the field: 16 for his footballer and another for the fans or, whatever the same, the team members' relatives, to color and give the shadow a color. In these situations, the design influenced the same competitions and they started asking for t-shirts.

"They said, 'I sold your shirt;… They even wanted to be bribe with crab boxes. Eventually, I gave ten competitors their shirts. As a reward, they gave me a beer box and they promised to send me food in the latest dates"He said.

This is not the case. Spread the boom & 39; to social networks and the message box Facebook, at the moment, it's a kettle: several are asking for t-shirts; "They write to me and I am going to sell the shirt to 25 coins," the dresser added.

Yes: the name has changed

RPP News he asked Yino Soto if you don't change your team name and do something more related to it Member Ball. And he, one of the most aggressive decisions, was sent. “I didn't think about changing his name but seeing it well, because the shirt model has really gone, we've got it better. We'll send you Saiyajines Sports Club of Ayaviri"Name it. T

My first job was to leave neighborhood and focus on a more formal sport system: t this year he will be recording his team in the Ayaviri District League, so it will now be in the first record at Copa Peru.: "In April, we started. ' Peru Cup he is investing much more strongly, but at the moment, the aim is to stand at a regional level and do a little bit to do, "he said.

What are these road costs?

Today, Yino between 8 and 10,000 medals for running the Summer Competition, between January and March. "I have even given out loans," he said. He will pay only two players from Puno: one gives 120 coins for each game, such as tickets, and another 100. In addition, the monthly fee includes payments for mediation services, meals and beer. The last one, a compulsory field of competency in any competition. "After playing, everyone signs up. I put six boxes up," he said proudly.

Soto Almanza may sell it that it is a 28-year-old boy, who runs to 200 every hour, to all or to the rest; but against each other. There are four races, two in advance: learning Graphic Design, he is Bachelor of Economics At the National University of San Agustín de Arequipa (UNSA, 2008 – 2013), it is already eight completed Social Work rounds (UNSA, 2012 -?) And a career in Industrial Engineering at the University of Arequipa (2017 -?)

"If you had to choose between Goku and your other name, Lionel Messi“What do you answer? He asked RPP. "Pucha … (think). Goku, for humility," he answered. "But Messi is also humble," we answered. But he lives with the mythical character because he still remembers when he, as a child, in full-school classes, would take away to see his favorite. That gave his life. And that is keeping moving now.

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